Buying a Corgi

10 Things You Should Know About The Cost of Bringing Home and Raising a Corgi

There is no use beating about the bush since it is a proven fact that Corgis ARE costly (around $1300-1800, depending on the breed). Their high price can be attributed to many reasons. Ever since the queen owned one, this breed came to be known as a status symbol.

Some owners have even gone to the extent of calling them royal dogs. Taking it from another tangent, cuteness has its own added price. Since Corgis are cute, they are going to be priced at the higher end. A lot of hybrids are available in the market these days. This makes pure breed even more costly. The artificially mated hybrids are much pocket-friendly as compared to Corgis.

Besides the cost of the corgi, there are other costs that you have to consider.

A Guide to Buying Expensive Corgi Alternatives

The price of the dog is directly related to where you purchase it from. Yes, the breeders. Luxurious Corgi breeds are not challenging to acquire. Though the process is a bit complicated, the owner needs to understand that quality is more important than dogs are concerned. Make sure to check the authenticity and other facets well in advance. This category of Corgi pups is already vaccinated in most cases. It might be the opposite case if the owners wish to have a newborn puppy or have not reached the desired age to get vaccinated.

A Guide to Buying Economical Corgi Alternatives

They can be found quite easily. Not much needs to be done before bringing a low-quality or average Corgi home. Simple paperwork is enough. The owner must try to make out if the breed is pure or not. Medical information is enough to prove this fact. This category needs to have subsequent checks as well. At times, sick Corgis are priced at the lower end owing to several deformities or other related health issues. Present and former owner have a piece of advice – check the legs at the first instance. This might help a lot as Corgis are quite prone to dwarfism early on.

Expenses Incurred in Raising a Corgi (Including Overheads)

Raising a Corgi requires a considerable amount of effort as well as financial resources. They do not demand a lot, but their natural needs need to be catered to. These include the particular kind of atmosphere, healthy surroundings, and a habitat free from common dog allergens. In case the owners have practically no time for the pet, a caretaker also becomes a necessity. This is due to the fact that Corgi hates loneliness. If left by itself for long periods, it might not be long before the canine turns completely insane. To avoid such bad consequences, it is advisable to get your Corgi once you have the required time for its upbringing. If the case is the exact opposite, the pup might end up bonding with the caretaking personnel instead of the parents. Such a scenario might be quite unpleasant for both parties. Overhead costs include leaving your dog at the center during vacations.

If your dog is accustomed to having a specific variety of toys, they might also add up to a small amount. Early on, transportation would also prove to be a hefty overhead charge. This can be cut down in case the owners decide to go and bring the dog home. Rescue cases have no such issues. Monetary expenses do not matter much if the dog blends well with the family. Expenses in terms of love and affection also add up. Now, why is that so? This is because it is almost impossible to raise breeds like Corgis without a bit of pampering now and then. They are simply like human babies and love to be caressed.

Dietary Needs

They cannot rely on human food for long. In other words, there are sure to be extra charges as far as dog food is concerned. The proportion of costs depends on the predominant culture of the family. Vegetarian families might get on with it easily. On the other hand, non-veg food is costly.

Necessary Lodging

Air conditioning needs to be provided compulsorily in hot regions. Corgis have a thick fur coat which makes it difficult for them to survive in humid and dry conditions. Make sure the dog is not suffering due to the weather.

Playing Facilities

They need toys for dogs . Your Corgi should always have something to do. Let them move around freely. Another important component is regular walks. If the owners have no time, someone should be assigned for this task. This might, in turn, exaggerate expenses a bit.

Healthcare and Vaccination

Frequent visits to the vet might be required if your Corgi is prone to allergies. This is so because dog vaccination list  is not enough in most cases. Cleanliness should be maintained to avoid healthcare costs. If they are deficient, regular supplements would be required for a longer duration of time.

Occasional wounds also result in additional charges at times. Handle your Corgi with care. This is particularly important for young Corgis. Even though the last vaccine needs to be administered in the third year, costs vary as per the category. Young ones get their initial dose which is much more expensive than the booster dose. Regular vaccination is essential, and this expense cannot be cut down in any way.

Some Extra Information

Grooming costs a lot in case the owners are a bit too choosy. Clothes are also required in the winter season. Some owners wish to get their dogs a separate kit for getting ready. If you have a small Corgi, arranging frequent baths will also feel essential. Raising a Corgi might sound easy, but it is a lot more easy and simple when it comes to reality.

Concluding Remarks

The list of costs is not exhaustive. A lot of overhead expenses vary from owner to owner. Make sure the Corgi gets all that it needs. Buying a dog is both a luxury as well as a necessity in some instances.