Corgi Training

10 Corgi Agility and Training Activities


Having a dog has its perks and downfalls. The health of your canine is of utmost importance. Be it early on or in the later years, one must take care of the Corgi’s weight irrespective of its health. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a comprehensive health record. Even if all other parameters are satisfactory to a considerable extent, make sure regular exercise is ensured. The pup might engage in a sedentary lifestyle owing to innate laziness.
Still, it is the owner’s responsibility to keep a check on all these and other related activities. Do not solely rely on vaccination as the dog might develop diseases known to hit corgis at different stages of life. Beware of any allergies as well.

How to Decide the Routine?

No habit will work for the Corgi unless and until it is followed regularly. By regular, it means that the dog should not be left on its own while the training process is going on. Habits will take some time to develop but make sure that some, even minimal, progress is made with each passing day. They are attention-seeking dogs which means that they would like to establish their supremacy as much as possible. Let them meet other dogs and even other animals so that they learn how to socialize. This will prevent daily fights with the pets in your neighborhood.

The Top 10 Activities

A Corgi is a bit sluggish when it comes to learning something new. This might probably be because they already do a lot to impress their owner and other people around them. A lot of positive reinforcements might make them even lazier. Training is a bit difficult due to their highly playful nature and restless attitude. Repeating the same task, again and again, is too dull for them. Unless they are trained before you adopt or rescue them, this will not be a piece of cake at all. This breed is much more happy-go-lucky in comparison to other dogs of similar statute and characteristics.

Begin with the very basics

A warm-up session should be introduced first. Your Corgi needs to embrace the fact that it is time for some physical work. Time should be the same each day.

Let them slide through short tunnels

This activity is enough for a good start. Since it involves a playful element, your pet might do so willingly as well. Try using tunnels of different colors for enhanced interest.

See-saw is also a good option for baby Corgis

Corgis love swings. They let them play and have some movement at the same time. The normal see-saw is enough for training Corgis. Make sure the height is not too much.

Jumping sprees serve the purpose well for beginners

Barriers can be used for long jumps. Make sure to increase the height in a gradual manner. For beginners, short cones can be used. Let your Corgi decide the route. Running is optional in this case. Try to include zigzag routes for advanced training. Other objects like square blocks and staircases also serve the same purpose. Take note of the improvement and keep track.

Pole weaving is equally essential for all ages

This is necessary for enhanced focus. Make sure the polls are not edgy enough to hurt your furry friend. The distance can be increased with each passing training session.

Let them try herding as well

Your dog will have a lot of fun during this activity. Their brains are hardwired for this as Corgis were used for herding early on. Let them guide small pups in the neighborhood.

Actions on commands can also be inculcated

This is a form of verbal training method for Corgis. Handshakes are the most common. The introduction of Corgis is also enhanced by actual training for the same purpose.

Include a dedicated walking routine

This activity is ignored in a majority of training schedules. Walking is equally essential for the agility of Corgis. Their joints remain active, and deformities can thus be prevented.

Chasing a human or some disc is always beneficial

When Corgis chase, the whole body comes into action. The area chosen for the purpose must be large enough for the pup to run around freely. Discs and balls are useful tools as far as this activity is concerned.

Exercising is essential for enhancing flexibility

Stretching the muscles is inevitable. Lethargic Corgis do not like to exercise at all. Owners need to encourage a lot and designate a few minutes each day for the same.

The Role of Commands in the Training Process

If you wish to control your dog, use commands as much as possible. Make sure that the words you use are limited in variety, and the way of speaking does not change a lot. The dog does not understand the meaning but can surely become conditioned to act in a specific manner. You can use all these to teach your Corgi how to obey you in times of urgency. Small commands like sit, stand, and handshake is equally essential. For advanced training, better words can also be employed. Work on the clarity of words and make sure the dog understands them fully. Appreciation might help in this step but only up to a considerable extent.


Corgis can put on a considerable amount of weight or lose a few pounds, as per the need. Some people believe that lazy Corgis are prone to get obese with time. Regarding diseases, obesity increases the risk of joint deformities and other related issues. Therefore, it is even more essential to maintain weight throughout. How to do so? There is a single practical tip – exercise. Yes, dogs need to exercise a lot. Simply taking your Corgi on a walk does not ensure maintenance of weight, so make sure to include an exercise schedule as well. Playing with balls is not very reliable in this case.