Corgi Training

6 Things To Do Before You Start Potty Training Your Corgi


From choosing your corgi to giving him a tour of your house, it’s the start of some enjoyable memories. Well, the actual game starts when you have to housetrain your dog. Corgis are herding dogs and are very independent. However, they can get stubborn if they aren’t trained in their early days. They are strong-minded, so they need to be controlled and taken care of to make them stay in command of their owner. Potty training your corgi is essential, but it is more important to make them comfortable and train them to poop outside the house or in a few specific places within the home. This training can be a very exhausting task, but you need to be patient and take care of your corgi well.

Things to keep in mind before potty training your Corgi

1) Schedule Wisely:

Scheduling means providing timely meals to your corgi. For instance, feed your corgi three times a day and try to feed it along with your daily routine of eating meals. This schedule will ensure they adapt to your settings, and you will also have enough time to figure out when you should exercise your corgi and when to take it for a walk. The usual times for dogs to relieve themselves are in the morning or after eating, drinking, or playing. Therefore, you should schedule your corgi’s meals and play-time to relieve themselves accordingly; this will make them habitual to the routine. Also, praise them whenever they go out to relieve themselves. Introducing them to such activities as a puppy will make them more accustomed to your way of living faster, and thus they won’t litter your house unnecessarily.

2) Prepare with appropriate clean-up materials:

Whenever you encounter an accident with them pooping inside the house, try to clean it right away to avoid future mishaps. In order to avoid making a mess, you should have proper clean-up materials ready, including an enzyme-based cleaning spray that helps remove the odor. This act will ensure that your pup doesn’t recognize that place and repeat its deed. Few accidents are most likely to happen, but since they are in their training phase and are still learning – they should not be punished. Instead, whenever they relieve themselves inside the house, try to pick them up, go outside, and then signal them to continue their business. This act will make them understand that they are supposed to go out whenever they need to poop. Potty training is not an easy task in any way, so you need to be consistent.

3) Create NOT ALLOWED areas:

Preferably, don’t allow your corgi to explore your house entirely for a few weeks. Then, one can use the Crate training process to potty train the corgi. It is believed to be one of the most effective ways since dogs do not sleep or rest near the places they relieve themselves. So, they might bark or whine whenever they find it necessary to be left out to poop. Also, keep their crate clean as it is their safe space. Make sure not to use the crate to punish them or keep them inside it for more than required. When the time is right or on the schedule, let your dog out, and it will run outside to poop if the training goes well. With time, let them explore more areas of your house, and they will adapt accordingly.

4) Choose whether to use puppy pads:

Potty pads are an alternative if you do not have a yard or if you are not able to frequently walk your dog. You can put in your creativity and use litter boxes as places where your corgi can relieve itself. Generally, potty training is usually hard when you live in a closed space and can’t get out much. However, corgis are intelligent and can be easily trained to follow your instructions. With time, as your corgi gets used to your way of living, they will gradually understand and learn your ways of doing things.

5) Praise and excite your dog for pooping outside:

Your corgi won’t be aware that it is supposed to go outside to relieve itself. You are supposed to display to the corgi that it is great when it goes out to poop. Once it gets comfortable with going outside to relieve itself, it will be quite an easy job for you because you won’t worry about your accidents at your place. You can conquer this technique by giving your pup treats whenever they go out and skipping the treats whenever they relieve themselves inside the house. This act will make them notice the pattern that they also get treated whenever they relieve themselves outside, and then they will try themselves to run out when required.

6) Stay calm while encountering few accidents:

Caring and training a corgi or any other dog requires immense patience and consistency. You will face innumerable problems, be it tiny ones, when potty training your corgi because they might get stubborn when not treated right. However, treating your puppy right is the key to getting a healthy, hygienic, and obedient dog. It can be challenging at times, but don’t let your corgi experience your wrath. It takes time and patience, but you will eventually see the desired results when the efforts are matched.