Corgi Behavior and Temperament

Do Corgis Like To Cuddle? Here are 12 Things You Should Know


Returning home to a cuddle friendly dog is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Whether you own a corgi or plan to have one in the near future, it would be a good idea to gain knowledge with respect to their innate likes and dislikes. As far as cuddling needs are concerned, no two dogs seem to have similar preferences regarding this activity. It is better to be on good terms with your dog as it is bound to be a really good friend in the long run. Read on to know more about corgis and cuddling.

The 12 Must-know Things


Cuddling is good for them

This reason is enough to engage in one thorough cuddling spree per day. Human touch and affection lead to the release of positive chemicals in the brain of corgis and all other dog breeds. The species has a close connection.

It is a great stress-buster, that too, free of cost

Now, cuddling works like a two-pronged sword. Humans also benefit from it. How does that happen? This simple and fun activity can be practised mindfully so that the person is able to let go of all traces of stress, ultimately feeling good.

Do so with dry and clean hands as far as possible

Corgis hate filthy creatures. Do not touch them with dirty hands. Even if they wish to cuddle, the unhygienic conditions might hamper the process. Cuddling with moist hands is also a big no.

Try to take consent prior to the process

Does this sound a bit too vague? It is not. Try to make out whether your corgi intends to cuddle or not. In case the intention is on the negative side, the overall experience will not be so mesmerizing for both.

Guests or other new additions to the family might have a really hard time

One cannot expect a pet dog to get comfortable with every new person instantly. Corgis are known to be time takers. They need to inspect the person thoroughly and spend some time before indulging in such touchy practices.

Cuddling produces friction and in turn, a considerable amount of heat

Corgis love to be cuddled, but in a cool environment. If you reside in tropical countries, pay attention to this fact. Your dog might feel hot due to the constant cuddles. Air conditioners might help out.

Beware of a moody or irritated Corgi

The expressions are clear enough to make you understand if the dog is in a good mood or not. In the latter case, cuddling might be risky as the dog might end up biting the recipient.

Passing on aggression to the dog is not the right thing to do

While cuddling, focus on the dog and nothing else. In case something goes wrong around you, do not transfer that energy to your furry friend. They hate being punished for no fault of theirs. Try to pause for a moment and decide which activity to continue with. An incomplete cuddling experience is far better than a hurtful one.

Its past experiences are known to have a seemingly direct influence

In case you have adopted a corgi, try to make out how it was treated priorly. Childhood experiences form mental images in dogs as well, which in turn make them anti-human in extreme cases. Make sure you fulfil all types of needs of your dog. Most importantly, give it the desired amount of time to adjust to the new surroundings. Cuddling can easily wait till the time your canine has blended well.

Make sure your Corgi does not get hurt in the meanwhile

Caress your corgi with gentle and short strokes. People with long nails need to take extra care. If you end up hurting the dog, it is sure to defend itself next time onwards.

Holding it up is different from cuddling, keep this fact in mind

This difference is essential. Your dog might not imply the desire to be cuddled if it has agreed to sit on your lap. Do not try to cuddle each time it comes near. At times, all corgis need is a peaceful time beside their favourite human. Understand your dog in order to have a serene bond that ends up getting stronger with time.

A sick or injured Corgi hates to cuddle

After the dog gets vaccinated, try to postpone this, and other tactile activities for at least a week. A painful cuddling experience would not be pleasant at all. If the dog has an underlying injury, it is easy to feel compassionate enough to pamper it. Make sure that you do not injure it even more.

How to understand the needs?

Ever heard about animal consent? It is a quite uncommon turn that is gaining popularity in recent times. Before you begin cuddling your cute little corgi, get to know the dog inside out. There are times when either the dog or the owner is not fully ready for this little activity.

With time, things are bound to get a lot easier since a good understanding would be established between the canine and the homo sapien( read dog owner). Try to make out from the overt expressions whether your pet is into cuddling at the present moment or not. Make it a point not to force since forcing might make your dog slightly drift away from you in an indirect manner.


The above information is quite exhaustive and covers almost everything related to corgis and cuddling. The present and future owners should take care of the fact that a corgi loves to live on its own terms. For a better and more wholesome cuddling experience, try teaching your dog the much-needed sign language.

It might help both of you understand each other thoroughly and communicate on better terms. There have been many such instances where a dog easily learns to differentiate between a good and bad touch. Though mute creature, dogs can sense a lot.