Corgi Hygiene

Tips To Clean Your Corgi’s Super Dirty Ears

Grooming and preserving your dog’s hygiene is very important. The ear is one of the dog’s most responsive organs. If not cleaned properly, your corgi might get prone to infection. The steps involved in grooming a Corgi are almost the same as any other dog breed. But, is a little bit messy and challenging as well. One of the main reasons why most pet owners visit a vet is to check if their pet has any kind of ear infection. When a dog’s ears get extremely dirty, dirt begins to accumulate in the ears and causes ear infection.

Are Corgis Prone To Ear Infections?

Like every other dog breed, Corgis have moisture in their ears, which is the leading cause of the development of ear infection. Usually, this moisture and dirt get into the ear of the Corgi or any other dog while playing in the park in tall grasses or trying to go in areas where dust is there. Corgis are already considered playful dogs. So yes, they are prone to ear infections.

How To Tell When It’s Time To Clean Your Dog’s Ears?

When it comes to cleaning your Dog’s ears, you have to make sure that you don’t overclean or under clean his ears. Overcleaning could affect the skinny layer present inside the ear of the dog and lead to irritation. Whereas under cleaning could allow the fungal bacteria and moisture to get buildup in your dog’s ears.

One should always keep a check on their dog’s ears and its overall grooming needs as well so that he stays fit and healthy.

Typically, veterinarians clean the dog ears using a variety of methods. However, it is impossible to take your dog to the vet for regular grooming sessions during this pandemic. So today, we’re going to go through a few different tips for cleaning your dog’s ears at home.

These tips would make the job easier for you and save you a lot of money that would otherwise be wasted on grooming sessions.

Be Patient with your Corgi

Patience is essential when it comes to cleaning and grooming an animal. Of course, it is hard for us humans to get what these creatures want to tell us, but we can surely understand their point if we do everything calmly and with a lot of patience.

Keep the Supplies handy

Make sure you have all of the cleaning supplies before you begin cleaning your Corgi’s ears. There are a few items that are important for cleaning your dog’s ears, and you can easily find them in any drug store near your home. The list contains the following items:

  • Dog ear cleaning solution
  • Ear cleaning wipes
  • Hand gloves

 Do not use a cotton swab

If you notice any kind of dirt or water in your dog’s ears, do not use a cotton swab to clean it. A dog’s ear is a very complicated and tricky organ that needs to be cleaned with a lot of care and caution. A cotton swab could affect the nerves of the dog’s ears and could also push the dirt further inside instead of taking it out.

Do not use DIY ear cleaning solutions

Nowadays, many YouTubers and influencers suggest pet owners make the ear cleaning solution at home using vinegar instead of buying it from the drugstore. But keep in mind that these homemade solutions could be dangerous for your dog and affect its listening capacity drastically by affecting the internal area.

The vinegar solution might look very easy to make, but when it comes to using it, sometimes it gets hard to measure the amount of liquid that we are putting in our dog’s ears. Also, too much vinegar can dry out the ear’s sensitive skin whereas, a very little amount of vinegar can add up to the amount of moisture that was present in the first place.

Always use vet-approved ear cleaning solutions

Your dog is sensitive and deserves the best treatment. There are a variety of ear cleaning solutions available in the market. Make sure you consult your vet and ask him for a suitable ear cleaning solution according to your pet’s age and other specifications.

Keep your Corgi Comfortable

Make sure your dog is fully relaxed and ready to get his ear cleaned. If you observe any behavioural changes in your dog while you pet his ears or try to hold them, consult a vet and ask for necessary precautions.

Steps to apply ear treatment

Step 1

Hold your dog’s head in such a way that it does not move much. Try to be as gentle as possible and quickly deposit the advised amount of cleaning solution in your dog’s ears. Make sure you have put enough according to the structure and size of your dog’s ear.

Step 2

Give a gentle massage to your dog’s ears by going from bottom to top. This will help the solution reach all the areas inside the ears so that the whole ear could be cleaned thoroughly.

Step 3

Let your dog get rid of the remaining solution in his ears on his own by shaking his head. Soon enough, the remaining residue will also get evaporated from the ear.

Step 4

Take a wet wipe and gently clean the externals parts of the ear so that the area doesn’t catch any dirt or moisture again.

Visit a Vet if you notice any of the following:

  • Ear Scratching
  • Fungal Growth
  • Head-Shaking
  • Signs of pain