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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Breed – Facts and Traits


Pembroke Welsh Corgis are such adorable babies that it might be a bit difficult to keep your hands off them. In these pandemic-stricken times, adopting a pup comes with its own ups and downs. The owner might have to make a lot of special arrangements and step up the precautionary measures as well.

For those who have already given the instance a final thought, simply go for it as this breed is a power-packed entertainment package in the form of an adorable bundle of joy. Households having a small open area must give it a second thought. Most importantly, ensure that your baby can adjust to the new addition in an easy way. If that is not the case, it won’t take much time for this brand new pleasure to turn into a big mess for the parents cum dog owners. Check out with some old owners if you wish. Pembrokes make for good family pets as well.

A Simple Guide

Wish to have a pet dog and don’t wish to invest a lot at the same time? We got you covered right here! Pembroke Welsh Corgis make a good choice owing to their low maintenance and affordability. First things first – they are known for their twin-shaded look and attractive ears. This breed is mainly referred to as the Welsh Corgi, pertaining to their first appearance in and around Wales. For further insight into their natural characteristics, etymology might play a key role. A valid question – what does “Pembroke Welsh Pembroke Welsh Corgi” actually mean in literal terms? It means dwarf. Yes, these are dwarf dogs and do not grow much even after aging. These dogs are too cute for words. Still, there are pros and cons for every breed one can think of.

No dog breed is entirely flawless or free of health issues. Similarly, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed comes with inevitable downfalls. The most prominent one is the weight issue. Since they are quite popular these days, most of us do not focus much on the negative points. Though they are charming and make good family pets, one must be aware of the associated problems well in advance.

All About Health

Having a dog has its perks and downfalls. The health of your canine is of utmost importance. Be it early on or in the later years, one must take care of the Corgi’s weight irrespective of its health. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a comprehensive health record. Even if all other parameters are satisfactory to a considerable extent, make sure regular exercise is ensured. The pup might engage in a sedentary lifestyle owing to innate laziness. Still, it is the owner’s responsibility to keep a check on all these and other related activities. Do not solely rely on vaccination as the dog might develop diseases known to hit corgis at different stages of life. Beware of any allergies as well.

Some Cons of Having a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

People love to have chubby dogs. Still, too much mass might affect the overall health of Pembroke Welsh Corgis. This is an important reason why people change their minds. There is a thin line of difference between healthy dogs and overweight dogs. With this breed, there are many other connected problems as well. The sole reason for the health concerns associated with a heavy Pembroke is the size of its supporting limbs. Their dwarf-like legs cannot afford to carry a heavy body, and thus, your pup might end up lying down idle for most of the time. Another risk factor is bone health. Many of them experience excruciating back pain as well. This lethargic nature will ultimately affect flexibility, and proper distribution of nutrition might get hampered soon. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s love for fatty foods further enhances this ill-effect. Achondroplasia or dwarfism further worsens the situation, and your dog might stop responding to medicines in case a considerable amount of time has elapsed. A calculated diet might prevent this unhealthy addition of pounds and indirectly lead to optimum health conditions throughout.

Optimum Weight for Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Pembrokes are cute baby Corgis. It is not that this category of Corgis does not grow or the overall body is stunted, but they remain small throughout their lives. This leads to the fact that Pembrokes mostly weigh less than Cardigans. The former has smaller legs and no tails at times. All this has a direct contribution towards a lower total of pounds. Depending on the height of your Pembroke Corgi, the healthy weight is capped at thirty pounds. As mentioned before, gender differences do play a key role here, like human beings. Female Pembrokes can weigh as low as 25 pounds in normal conditions. As far as a healthy weight is concerned, until your dog develops any aches or related issues, it is considered to be healthy. All other factors are ruled out as long as optimum nutrition is provided for a continuous-time.


This carefully curated article includes practically all you need to consider before finally adopting a cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The health risks are not entirely specific, as many genetic mutations have taken place due to the high popularity of this breed. Make sure you adopt one only after you have thought over all the perks and downfalls as dogs get attached quite easily. In addition to this concern, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is highly addictive as well. Vets recommend looking before you leap. The cuteness quotient simply outnumbers any flaw. It might be highly relaxing to watch videos of Corgis floating around on the internet. Before you make up your mind to adopt or buy one, make sure you know each and everything about them. Not only the pros but the cons are equally essential as deciding factors. Have a careful look before you get your pup home.