Corgi Exercise

7 Tips and 5 Dangers When It Comes to Corgis and Hiking

Can Corgis Hike?

Yes, Corgis can hike. Corgis are agile, which is quite evident by how they can go up to 6-8 miles in a day, so there is no doubt in them being capable of Hiking. You need to take care of the other factors that can help you successfully hike with your Corgi without any trouble.

Considering its behavior and approach, you need to make needful arrangements or train your Corgi accordingly before a fun hiking trip. Corgis will quickly adapt to the hiking conditions if trained well.

Can Corgis Climb Mountains?

Corgis can climb mountains easily because their long body helps them with the sloped surface of the hills. However, The areas of concern include finding it difficult through the rocky areas because of their short legs. You can conquer that situation by carrying your Corgi through the rocky areas and letting it by itself anywhere else. You can also switch your routes if you have a guide with you. This re-routing will ensure a fun and easy trip for your Corgi. However, corgis might also find it difficult while going down the slope, so you need to make arrangements for that.

7 Tips to consider before Hiking with your Corgi

1) Pre-Checkup of your Corgi:

Hiking with your Corgi is a strenuous activity for your dog, so you need to prepare it and make sure it doesn't have any health issues which can prove fatal later on. Hiking is an opportunity for you to bond better with your Corgi but not at the cost of its health; they might develop a back problem because of the climbing. Some major issues that your Corgi might face after or because of Hiking include hip dysplasia, so you need to make sure the Corgi stays equally healthy even after stepping back to your house.

2) Right Location:

Locations matter the most when it comes to Hiking. Do a good amount of research for the right site, and then choose wisely. Corgis enjoy flat grounds or grasslands and find it troublesome in the rocks. So, you need to amplify your research and make the right decision. It would be best to keep all this in mind because they don't find every surface suitable.

3) Gearing up your Corgi:

Gearing up your Corgi is also necessary to avoid accidents. Make sure to keep harnesses that will keep your Corgi around you and is an excellent substitute for a leash, as well as a first-aid kit for any minor or major injury, canine footwear for your Corgi's paws to prevent any harm from stones or anything sharp. Collars with additional features are also preferred; for example, a collar with LED lights would best suit an overnight stay. You can also keep bells to quickly get to know your dog's whereabouts if you get distanced. Finally, food and water are essential for Hiking. Ensure you keep healthy food to fuel your dog's energy during strenuous climbing.

4) Right age for Corgi to hike:

Age also matters for your Corgi to be your hiking partner. The right age for a corgi to hike is one year or older. They will be in their training period till a year or so if you provide the training. Bringing them into action is a responsible task, so you must choose the right time. You should make sure the Corgi is healthy for Hiking.

5) Prepare for the worst, expect the best:

You must train to CPR, provide First-Aid, how to dog-walk, dog-behavior, etc. These will help you know better about your Corgi, and you can help in times of tragedy if it happens. Although Corgis are super intelligent and powerful, you still need to make sure their Hiking is enjoyable.

6) Train your Corgi with commands:

Your Corgi must know how to respond to your basic commands, including STOP, STAY, POTTY & COME. The STOP command can be used when you need your Corgi to stop and wait for you or avoid any accident; The STAY command can be used similarly where the dog will wait for your next call, and meanwhile, you can tackle the problem preventing any injury. The POTTY command is one of the most useful ones because you won't worry about your Corgi relieving anywhere unnecessarily. Finally, the COME command will make your dog come to you if you want it to stay away from something dangerous or harmful.

7) Don't make it a Dog Picnic; limit the number of dogs:

You must not invite another dog on hiking along with your Corgi if you are alone because they get immensely energetic around friends, proving a weakness in Hiking. However, you can invite other dogs if you are not alone because that would divide the responsibility among your group.

5 Dangers while hiking with your Corgi

Corgi's curiosity can prove dangerous:

Corgis love to be taken to places with more space or feel more independent, which can prove dangerous for them if they get distracted even to follow your commands, and on uneven grounds, while Hiking, can cause accidents.

Hiking is a strenuous activity for your Corgi:

If the location is uneven terrain, their joints can get hurt by the activity. A Corgi hiking with you is similar to its exercises for several days back at home. Under failed supervision, they are also at risk of getting various health problems that include Osteoarthritis, Canine Hip Dysplasia, Intervertebral Disc Disease. These can be avoided when the supervision is correct and intact.

Going down the slope:

Corgis might handle the slopes while going up, but they might find it a bit difficult because of their tiny front legs while coming back down. They also have to watch for spikes or any other sharp things. You can carry your Corgi down the slope or try routing your journey, which is less rocky and a flatter surface for your Corgi to get down quickly.

Which area is more suitable?

As mentioned earlier, locations matter the most. Your Corgi must enjoy the expedition and not get hurt. Corgis are more comfortable in flatter areas, so try to finalize a less rocky and flatter location. So keep all the necessary factors in mind before finalizing a location for Hiking.


It would help if you considered the Choking Hazards attentively. Your Corgi might feast on something that could prove harmful. Leftovers, ants, grass, mushrooms, leftover plastic- they can chew on anything, and it might not be digestible all the time. Also, make sure to keep your eyes on your Corgi when hiking because they are likely to go more independent, and that can prove dangerous sometimes.


Corgis are super energetic and can tackle Hiking quickly. But, you must not ignore the challenges or problems you might face with your Corgi, so prepare well and HAPPY HIKING with your little PAL!