Corgi Behavior and Temperament

Can Corgis be Left Alone?

Can Corgis be left alone?

Corgis can indeed be left alone but keeping in mind the key factors which include your closeness to your Corgi, their age, and how well they are trained. In addition, corgis expect attention and affinity from their owners, so you must be careful before leaving them all by themselves.

How long can Corgis stay alone?

Corgis that are a year old and above can be left alone for about 8 hours a day. You can get back from work in the meantime, and they will be fine if they are old enough and well trained. If you choose to stay away for long, they might feel lonely because they can’t take it more than 8 hours so you must get back to them in the mentioned time to keep them happy. Also, they can bark and jump when they are left alone for long, which might affect their temperament.

Train your Corgi to behave appropriately when alone

You must also train your Corgi to behave when it is alone. Here, age is an essential factor because Corgis younger than a year will create a haphazard and cannot control themselves when left alone. The Corgi needs to be at least a year or older to tackle situations and behave appropriately. Training includes where to pee and poop, which areas to stay away from, where to get their supplies. You will have to organize things according to your Corgi to find it difficult to find its food or other essential supplies. Potty training is a must if you are willing to leave your Corgi alone at home. Corgis are a very loyal breed, and they will keep calm if they are trained well.

Can Corgis be left alone when they are sick?

Corgis should never be left alone when they feel sick because they can be prone to diseases that can affect their health in the long run. If you can not stay back with them, hire a sitter or ask your friends or neighbors for the required favor. You should try seeing a vet if your Corgi displays any signs of weakness or illness.

Can Corgis be trusted to be left alone with other dogs in your house?

Corgis can be left alone with other dogs in the house as they are super friendly. The basic precautions for them to live in harmony are separating their food supplies and providing a toy to each of them. After that, they will be fine by themselves if nothing goes south. Corgis are energetic and playful around their friends, so it won’t be a difficult task for them to stay alone with other friendly dogs by their side.

Can your Corgi behave when it has the whole house to itself?

If your residence is spacious enough, do not let the Corgi keep it all to itself when alone. Make sure your stairs are not accessible to them because their tiny legs might get their hips hurt, or even worse, injuries could happen. In addition, they must be trained to pee and poop in a specific place to avoid creating a mess. Also, you must control your Corgi’s temperament enough to keep it away from the main door where your Corgi’s barking could scare the neighbors.

Tips to make it easier for your Corgi to live on its own:

1) Be Less Clingy to your Corgi:

Your Corgi can get separation anxiety when you leave them alone, and you might also not want to leave your cute little companion alone. It would be best if you act a bit “cold” while going because showing them how much you will miss them can make them even more anxious and alone. You must train your dog to live by itself for some time. Take care of your Corgi’s temperament as it plays an essential role in leaving your Corgi alone at home.

2) Make certain areas Dog-Proof:

Making few areas Dog-Proof is a must. It doesn’t matter how palatial your house is; when it comes to leaving a corgi alone, it can become messy if your Corgi is not trained. Making a few areas Dog-Proof will make sure your Corgi doesn’t litter anywhere, and you still can deal with some other accidents across your house.

3) Give them a good environment:

Their environment should be engaging and pleasant. If the Corgi is occupied with the toys or games that you left behind for them, you will have to worry less. Likewise, the Corgi will feel less anxious and lonely if they have something to do while you are away, so you must make sure that their environment or their living space is exciting for them and they don’t get bored in any case.

4) Neighbors can be your life-savers:

Neighbors can be asked for help when you, due to reason, get delayed. Your Corgi can feel alone in your absence because, as mentioned, they can stay alone for 8 hours at the most. After that, they are likely to start looking for you. Their loneliness can make them aggressive, or they might howl until they are comfortable or you get back home. You can avoid such situations if your neighbors enter the picture and take care of your Corgi until you return home.

5) Dog Day-care is also an option:

Doggy daycare can prove helpful because you will be less worried about your Corgi’s well-being. Daycare will make sure your Corgi doesn’t feel lonely or anxious in your absence. They can also exercise the Corgi, which will keep it healthy and active. They will also feel secure if they are around some good company.

6) Surveillance Cameras can prove helpful:

Cameras can be helpful to keep an eye on your Corgi because you can call for help if anything happens to or around the Corgi when they are alone. Ensure that the cameras are placed that give a good view of your living space because these tiny creatures are sometimes hard to spot. Some high-featured cameras can also allow you to command your Corgi with the in-built mic system. So, you would be present there virtually and can take care of your dog until you get back home.

7) Train them to live in their crate:

Train your Corgi to live in their crate as it acts as a home for them inside your home. Corgi’s crate is its safe space, and it will be fine in it. You can train it using toys or treats. You can place a few toys in its crate where your Corgi will keep itself occupied. Try to keep everything organized around the crate because corgis want their crate safe and pleasant.