Corgi Hygiene

11 Tips To Deal with Corgi Shedding


Dog hair all around the house? We got you covered! In this article, you will get to know how to minimize shedding so that cleaning is not such a big issue. Raising a Corgi requires a considerable amount of efforts as well as financial resources. They do not demand a lot, but their natural needs need to be catered to. These include the special kind of atmosphere, healthy surroundings, and a habitat free from common dog allergens. In case the owners have practically no time for the pet, a caretaker also becomes a necessity. This is due to the fact that Corgi hates loneliness.

Problems Associated with Shedding

The dog is bound to get irritated by continuous shedding. There might be traces on black and other dark-coloured clothes. At times, dog hair even reaches the kitchen and are seen in plates and other utensils too. If left by itself for long periods of time, it might not be long before the canine turns completely insane. To avoid such bad consequences, it is advisable to get your Corgi once you have the required time for its upbringing. If the case is the exact opposite, the pup might end up bonding with the caretaking personnel instead of the parents. Such a scenario might be quite unpleasant for both parties. At times, people have to buy expensive cleaning robots in order to clean dog hair throughout the day.

The Relation Between Shedding and Grooming

It is not at all a pleasant experience when the owner bathes and clothes the dog to find a lot of shedding. A lot of efforts go in vain. At times, shedding becomes a menace when the dog is taken somewhere outside. Car seats are also included in the list. Thanks to a number of competitions curated for dogs, the clothing industry has stepped up a lot in terms of quality and designs. It is essential to choose the right size as far as vests are concerned. Make sure not to tie the belt too tightly or it might hurt your cute little Corgi. The categorical dressing style has also gained popularity in recent times. This is specifically for those owners who wish to make their pups participate in various contests and fashion shows. It is essential that your Corgi gets ready in one go. They are not too patient. Once ready, let them have a look in the mirror and admire themselves. Last but not the least, it is picture time. Getting clicked is enjoyed by Corgis a lot. Make sure the following tips are kept in mind for a shedding-free experience in any competition or related event.

The Sure Shot Eleven Tips to Deal With Corgi Shedding

  • Brushing thoroughly is the most essential step
  • Bathing should not be too much or too less
  • Clothes should be put on as per the season to avoid any unnecessary shedding
  • Make sure the accessories are not too harsh on Corgi hair
  • Belts and collars should be soft and the fit should not be too tight
  • Trimming hair is a good solution
  • While cleaning or wiping your Corgi, go slow and do not be too hard on Corgi skin
  • A healthy, as well as wholesome diet, is a must for your Corgi
  • Use a furminator in seasons when the dog sheds more than usual
  • De-shedding is equally important for Corgis of all ages
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on your pet in order to control shedding

What About the Associated Costs?

Grooming costs a lot in case the owners are a bit too choosy. Clothes are also required in the winter season. Some owners wish to get their dogs a separate kit for getting ready. If you have a small Corgi, arranging frequent baths will also feel essential. Raising a Corgi might sound easy, but it is a lot more easy and simple when it comes to reality. Therefore, do not fall into the trap of anti-shedding products as shedding is a natural process altogether. It can never be curbed in the complete sense. For an analogous interpretation, think about hair fall in humans. It is simply that similar in reality. Some breeds shed less while the others shed a lot. Regarding Corgis, it is said that they have two shedding seasons- the first one from January to June and the other from July to December. This quotation is enough to imply the needs (humour intended)

Look Before You Leap

Hope the tips lead to a partially shedding-free Corgi in some days. Though it is impossible to stop shedding altogether, it can be reduced to a considerable extent. All that is needed is a careful examination of the reasons and immediate steps to curb the same in no time. Overhead costs include leaving your dog at the centre during vacations. If your dog is accustomed to having a specific variety of toys, they might also add up to a small amount. Early on, transportation would also prove to be a hefty overhead charge. This can be cut down in case the owners decide to go and bring the dog home. Rescue cases have no such issues. Monetary expenses do not matter much if the dog blends well with the family. Expenses in terms of love and affection also add up. Now, why is that so? This is because it is almost impossible to raise breeds like Corgis without a bit of pampering now and then. They are simply like human babies and love to be caressed.