Corgi Hygiene

9 Tips for Your Corgi Puppy’s First Bath

Corgi puppies are sensitive and delicate. It can be difficult to handle those small creatures as their ownership comes with a lot of responsibility and care. Many vets suggest that you should keep your puppies clean at all times because they have a weak immune system and could catch viruses and germs before you even know it. The only thing you can do to keep them clean is introducing them to the most common cleaning process, bathing. Bathing might be prohibited for some breed puppies, but for some, the vets advise the dog owners to start the bathing schedule at much earlier times.

We understand your worry about bathing your puppy; many owners avoid bathing their puppies for fear of making them sick. With the aid of this article, you will learn a few pointers that you should consider before bathing your puppy.

1. The Vaccination

It’s necessary to evaluate the dog’s vaccination schedule before the first bath because the first bath can put a dog under a lot of stress, which can lead to an inadequate immune response to the vaccine. That’s why vets suggest waiting two weeks after the vaccination for bathing.

2. Accumulation of proper tools

It’s essential to have all of the bathing supplies ready before the first bath so that you can concentrate entirely on the puppy. The following are the essential bathing items:

Note- We must provide our puppies with a warm environment that does not cause a thermal shock in them. If it is winter at the time, put the heating on for some time.

3. Know the importance

Before we begin the first bath experience, it is essential to note that the bath is likely one of the most critical moments in a puppy’s life because it is linked to socialization. If you’re unfamiliar, this is the mechanism by which the puppy is represented by various stimuli and experiences. As a result, it’s important to make it enjoyable and optimistic for them, as they’ll enjoy the bath as adults.

4. Buy your puppy a Licky Mat

Puppies usually get over-excited while experiencing baths, and it’s a big task to handle an overexcited puppy. The smartest solution for this problem is to buy your pup a licky mat. A lick mat is a dog-friendly product that gets easily stuck on the bathtub. It has a uniquely designed structure that keeps your puppy occupied and distracted. You can apply creamy treats or your dog’s favorite spread on it.

5. Make a positive association with your puppy

The first bath will be a whole new experience for your puppy. This means that you will be introducing new things to him which he never saw or observed before. These new things include the bathing tools and the surrounding environment.

Your puppy might get uncomfortable with the loud hair dryer and running water noises in the bathroom. To keep your pup comfortable, you will need to develop a positive bond between the puppy and the subject. To begin with the process, you will need to feed your puppy with treats while the tap water is running and hide the moment you close the tap.

You can do the same process with other objects like a hairdryer, hair combs, etc. This will create a positive association between the subject and the dog, making him feel comfortable and adaptive to the new bathing environment.

6. Make sure all the hair mats are brushed out

Keep in mind that it is vital to brush your puppy before the bath to get rid of those tight hair mats on its body. It is essential to do so because if you don’t brush out the mats, they will shrink up and get tight with the skin. Once they get shrunk up, it’s going to be a bit difficult to dry out that area, and it also might tear the skin of your puppy. That is why we should be grooming and brushing our dogs on a regular basis.

The important areas to brush your puppy are behind the ears, under the armpits, behind the back, near the pant area, and the tail for sure so that we have a well-brushed puppy.

7. Don’t forget to buy a Tub Restraint

After the bath is complete, your puppy will try to run around your house with overexcitement of achieving freedom from the bathtub. This might create a mess at your home and increase your workload. After compilation of the cleaning process, your puppy should be kept inside the tub for a few minutes so that the excess water gets drained out. Make sure you dry him out before releasing him out.

8. Take your puppy to a professional if you are afraid

Sometimes we make some mistakes out of fear and regret later. If you think that you won’t be the best groomer for your puppy’s first bath, then consider taking your pet to a professional. There’s no way a professional will make any mistakes with your puppy, as most professionals are known for their experiences. Watch them while they bathe your puppy and learn. It is totally fine if your puppy doesn’t take the first bath at home. What’s more important is that the first bath gets done perfectly. Make sure that the positive association that we talked about above is made.

9. Use hair serum for the perfect shine

Last but not least. After you have given your puppy that perfect bath, make him shine by applying some hair serum made specifically for dogs. Make sure you do that before hair drying. Hair serum not only keeps the hair of your pup shiny, but it also keeps them from shedding too much. You can find some of the best hair serum for your pup. Don’t forget to check the appropriate age mentioned on the product before using it.