Corgi Training

Are Corgis Easy To Train? (Everything You Need To Know)

Despite its insurmountable drawbacks, the Corgi became a household name in no time. If you have any idea why that is? Corgis are known as the ideal dog breed because of their adaptability to the home environment, friendliness, small legs, and other characteristics. But is it easy to train a Corgi? This article will help you find the answer to that.

Corgi Personality

Corgis are known to be active dogs with a lot of energy, and they will always want to play and spend time with you. They are both clever and intelligent breeds. They’ll want you to give them something to do constantly. If you are unable to assign them a mission, they will most likely devise their own, which will include making a mess in your home. The energetic and active personality of Corgis makes them easy to train.

Types of Training

Now that we’ve established that Corgis are a simple breed to train, let’s look at the various training methods:

Obedient Training

For a breed like the Corgi, this form of training is one of the most important. Obedient training entails teaching your basic pet manners such as sitting, standing, remaining calm, and so on. This training can assist you with controlling your dog in public or in potentially risky circumstances. It’s usually easier to train corgis for such a training, as it involves many different tasks.

Potty Training

Potty training is one of the most common training methods in the history of pets. Many vets suggest pet owners start their pet’s potty training at a very initial stage. It could be difficult for you to potty train your Corgi at first. However, once you begin to appreciate things from your pet’s viewpoint, the process will become simpler over time.

Check out this video to know more about training:

Tips and Tricks for Corgi Training

Before you begin training your corgi, there are a few things to bear in mind.

1. Establish yourself as a leader

Corgis are referred to as “pack animals.” This is because they usually enjoy having a leader and following their instructions. But bear in mind that if they don’t find a boss, they’ll take control of your home on their own and be their leaders.

2. Respect your dog and make him respect you

Corgis can be hostile at times, so you’ll need to be respectful and assertive to keep them calm. This is what a good leader does; if your dog is being obnoxious and attempting to make a mess, ignore them. Then, when they’ve stopped being mischievous, start playing with them again. Your corgi will learn that his leader expects him to be quiet and mature in this manner.

3. Clicker Training

The method of training your dog with a clicker is fast and straightforward. You may also use a trick word, such as “cookie,” or make a hissing sound to teach your Corgi. Treats are an essential part of training, so bring along a good quality treat and a treat bag while you’re working with your Corgi.

When your dog does something nice, it’s difficult to feed him right away. As a result, it’s preferable to use a clicker or make a sound to indicate to your dog that his leader is about to feed him treats. Consequently, Corgi will associate the sound with it, making it easier for him to understand concepts and learn quickly. This recommendation is primarily for Obedient Training.

4. Fetch and Bring it Back method

The “Fetch and Bring it Back Process” is one of the most enjoyable things you can do with your dog. You can use a small toy for your dog in this process. Then, all you have to do is throw the toy a long distance away and reward your dog when he brings it back to you.

Common Mistakes


1. Leaving the Potty-pad inside

Dog’s usually have this primary thought that they always have to pee out of their house. So if you have bought a home potty pad for your Corgi, make sure it’s kept out on the balcony of your home. Otherwise, the dog might start to pee inside the house after a few days of peeing the potty pad, i.e. kept inside.

2. Try to keep your Corgi from hating his crate

Taking the dog out in a crate is a common practice. However, bear in mind that after some time, your dog might begin to despise his crate. So, by giving him a few treats, strive to form a strong bond between the Corgi and his crate.

3. Don’t feed the dog with treats unless he does something good

Feeding your pet with random treats will cause it to lose its manners, making it more difficult for you to train or teach him something. Often assign him an assignment and praise him when he completes something. Corgis enjoy playing, and treats taste better when they are earned.

4. Always feed your corgi with good quality treats

Low-quality treats may turn out to be bad for your Corgi’s health, and there’s a possibility that he doesn’t understand what you are teaching him. Corgis are also known as dog breeds that are prone to Obesity. If you want your pet to be fitter and healthier while you train him, feed him with good quality treats and dog food only.

We hope that this article helped explain the Corgi Training process and other relevant topics. Always keep in mind that discipline is crucial when training your Corgi. Don’t expect your pet Corgi to be fully qualified in a matter of hours or days. Corgis are fast learners, but they are still animals. They are unable to communicate with you and express their opinions. As a result, teaching your corgi about a critical aspect of training can take a few weeks. Maintain a high degree of patience, and your Corgi will become a well-trained dog one day.