Corgi Behavior and Temperament

5 Reasons Why Corgis Are Good For Apartments

Like how different breeds are suitable for different weather conditions, they require (and do well) specific spaces too. Some species need spacious areas to live in, and some can manage well in smaller atmospheres.

What kind of area is best suited for your pet depends on how big your pet is (body-wise), their behavioral traits, and physical activity requirement in their daily routine.

These days, Corgis are doing rounds on the internet and making everyone fall in love with their short-legged, tail-less, and fur bodies. Corgis are the new-age pets everyone wants in their house.

The good news is that, unlike the more giant breeds, Corgis are a perfect fit in today’s apartment lifestyle, and that is why everyone can easily have a Corgi at their home.

You must be wondering why Corgis are suitable for apartments, and that is the reason we thought of writing this article – to clear all your doubts.

Let’s see why Corgis are suitable for apartments:

Small Body/Short legs

Being small dogs, Corgis are more comfortable living in a small environment than any other giant breed like Golden Retriever, German shepherd, Husky, etc. They can easily sit in your living room and sleep in your bedroom without requiring much space to adjust. In total, they grow up to only 30 pounds, which is why they match the pet-friendly rules for apartments too.

These little puppies can fit in a space as small as a crate or kennel, so if you are a working professional who needs to go out to work every day, your apartment will be safe when you are gone.

Also, it is ideal for Corgis to live in an apartment rather than a double-story house because of their short legs. It is challenging for them to climb stairs, so apartments save them from that struggle.

Physical activities

As a short-legged breed, Corgis can’t do much when it comes to physical activities. However, they do need a physical regime to control their health problems.

You can take your little one for a walk; you can play with him in the house and keep him busy. And, you should be okay. It is suggested to take your dog on outside walks two times a day, each for around 45 minutes. By doing this, you would manage their energy and exhaust their body.

Since they like doing new things, you can also add brisk walks and long walks sometimes in their routines. If you have trained your dog, you may also try untying their leash and offer a little playtime in the park.

Though one thing you need to keep in mind is that Corgis are incredibly energetic and restless, so they need some of the other activities to keep them engaged and away from becoming a destructive dog.

So, you can buy some dog toys for them like chew balls or soft toys. That will make your dog extremely happy and busy.


Since many people are coming and going in an apartment set up – be it a roommate, friends, office colleagues, or your landlord, you can trust your Corgi to be friendly. Though Corgis have a minor issue in getting adjusted to new people, they get comfortable quickly. So, if you have a small dinner with a couple of friends or are changing your roommate, you can be stress-free if you have a Corgi.

Easy to train

Corgis are brilliant, obedient, and attentive dogs. So, it becomes easier to train them.

It would be best to keep in mind some things before bringing them to an apartment:

– They will bark a lot. So, train them from the very first day to control this behavior.

– They are independent, so they can take care of themselves as long as you keep them engaged in some of the other activities.

– Start training them early

– Keep training and practicing with them. Don’t stop their training or teaching them new things. Since Corgis are smart, they can learn a lot. Instead, they love doing new things, which is how they keep themselves busy. So, once you have taught them basic manners, you can head towards teaching them new tricks and enjoy with them.

– Corgis can be bossy, so you need to be in charge all the time; do not let them think otherwise.

– Do use treats and pampering as the reinforcement for the training. This would keep them very much motivated and excited.

– They might take a little while to learn everything, and be patient with them in this process.


Corgis live on two things: Food and love. So they would always try and find you, to sit in your lap, ask you to rub their head, and cuddle them. In that case, being in an apartment is so much fun for them as they can easily find you in that small space.

Also, since they are very naughty, it would be easier for you to check on them while doing your work. So we think it is a win-win situation for both of you.

Corgis are adorable and incredible pets to have. Especially in a small space, they would do great. Just keep in mind having a word with your landlord about getting a dog and checking in with your neighbors.

Since this breed barks a lot, make sure this new addition in your apartment does not create a problem for others.

Also, since many people would be sharing the building, try and help your dog socialize with everyone to be comfortable with each other’s presence.

One more thing you need to keep in mind is, even if it is a small place, there should be accessibility to go on walks, there should be a park nearby, and the rest should be fine.

Don’t worry; we all think a lot before doing something new, and getting a dog is a big commitment. First, however, you need to take care of all the things mentioned above.