Corgi Exercise

Tips On Giving Your Corgi The Exercise He Needs

Corgis were primarily bred as farm dogs to herd the cattle. You might feel surprised by this fact as to how such a small dog can be a farm dog, but it is true. They are good at being farm dogs, due to which nipping can be a problem with some corgis.

Corgis are a powerhouse of energy; they need to be exercised daily and adequately. Their daily routine of exercise should be fixed to make sure the corgi stays fit and happy.


1) Regular Walk

Walking your little companion is essential for it to stay fit and active. The walking duration can vary according to their age and temperament, but it is advised to walk them for at least 45 minutes to an hour. Alongside walking, it is recommended to do some other activities discussed later in this article. Walking with your dog can also include jogging and running with it if you can cope up with your corgi.

A daily walk across the neighborhood or in a park will do the needful. If your dog gets trained enough to be left loose, you can take the leash off. Taking it off gives them some extra freedom, and they can run around and play. They are super energetic, so make sure to channelize their energy.

2) Fun and Activities

Knowing how full of life and energy is your corgi, you must make it feel the same way because they love to play and run across the garden or anywhere spacious. To channelize their energy in the right direction, you must be aware of the activities they might indulge entirely in.

  • Swimming: Almost every dog loves to swim, and so does a corgi, although they are not a water breed. Swimming is an excellent exercise for all dogs because it uses an incredible amount of energy, and the corgi will not feel like lying all day at any corner of the house. Swimming uses all the muscles, Front legs and shoulders being the prime ones, making the dog enjoy the water and staying happy, being a low-impact activity for the muscles so the corgi would not feel strained on its joints and tendons. This activity ensures that there are absolutely no chances of your corgi getting hurt and enjoying the action.
  • Fetch the Ball: The best and most accessible game that is not tiring for you and fun for your dog is fetch the ball. All you require is a tennis ball; throw it away and ask your corgi to go and bring it; you can also play and train your corgi to catch it mid-air. This exercise can be beneficial in keeping the corgi active and keep going. You can play this game with your corgi for about 30 to 45 minutes daily.
  • Frisbee: Like fetch the ball, frisbee is another fun game to play with your corgi, which will keep him running around the ground, and it will be joyful.
  • Tug of War: There might not be a single dog out there that would not like games that include their pulling strength. Your corgi will be super excited to play tug of war with you, and you would enjoy it much.

The game involves a rope or a band, whichever you find better. Ensure the string or bar isn't rigid much because it might injure your corgi. Pulling from one end and your corgi doing the same from the other end will bring immense fun. They love to play such games.

  • Herding Balls: Herding balls can be an excellent choice for corgis and other herding dog breeds to play with. This activity involves a big ball whose direction is controlled by your corgi. Being a herding dog, they will play this game with utter attention and make sure that they are right all the time.

3) Physical and Psychological Health

We took care of the physical health by sharing fantastic exercises, but what about the mental health of the corgi? Or its temperament? Did you know that you can train it to behave the way you want? Well, now you know! There are five primary techniques to learn about it:

  • Puzzle Toys: Puzzle Toys are an excellent choice for your corgi to challenge its limits and get smarter. These toys will help it get wiser and calm.
  • Chew Toys: You can use Chew Toys to train your dog on what to bite and what not to. You can teach them Temperament control with the help of chew toys easily. These toys will also keep them occupied when they are idle.
  • New Commands: As a fun activity and an engaging one, you can teach your corgi how to react to specific commands like sit, chase, or calm down. These help them to communicate with you better as they will understand you. Please make sure you reward them when they do it right
  • Environment enrichment: Try to make a corgi's environment engaging and interesting to enhance its behavior and temperament.

4) How Much Should a Corgi Exercise in a Day?

A corgi's exercising time can range from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending upon its owner's schedule. The suitable and required time for exercising them is 1 hour at least.

Keep your corgi healthy and fit!