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15 Facts You Need to Know about the Corgi Pitbull Mix


Wish to adopt a pet? The decision might be a tough one. Ever since the pandemic has begun, there has been an increased demand for pets in the market. This is due to the fact that people wish to have a companion or a source of entertainment for their little ones while they are engaged with work from home.

Common choices include dogs, cats, rabbits, and fish. For those who have made up their minds already, it is time to finalize which breed you wish to adopt or rescue. In case the present situation is a cliffhanger, here’s a piece of advice for you – go for a Corgi Pitbull mix! Read on to know more about this exotic dog breed.

“Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god.”


It is a crossbreed

This breed is a genetic combination of Pembroke Welsh “Corgi” and American “Pitbull” Terrier. Both the breeds are ingeniously quite loyal as well. The reason for the intermixing of breeds is to lessen the intensity of health issues as much as possible. Owning a crossbreed is a prevalent status symbol these days.

This breed is quite speedy and agile

It is too adorable when a pet owner takes their dog on a walk. You might be having similar expectations from this act. A lazy and lethargic dog does not adequately fit in this definition. In case you come across a video of Corgi Pits moving around, their movement is enough to attract you.

The Corgi Pitbull mix comes in a variety of shades

The general shades chosen while picking a pet dog include brown, blonde, white, and black. This breed also offers a good variety. The coat color is constant throughout their life. Readily available shades include red, sable, fawn, black and tan. Limbs are white irrespective of the color at birth. Choose whichever appeals to you the most!

At times, the dog might be unpredictable

For a greater insight into the inner mechanisms of this breed, it is essential to know about the original breeds. It is a well-known fact that Corgis and Pitbulls are courageous. When combined, the traits are combined as usual. That is why this mixed breed is neither completely like a Corgi nor does it resemble the Pit in totality.

It is safe to describe them as good-natured

Like other dogs, Corgi Pits, too, have certain instincts which can be violent at times. After all, animals remain animals even after a lot of taming and parenting. A bit of pampering will bring out their innate tenderness.

Aggression levels are lower than the exclusive breeds

One of its parents is a war dog, which means the aggression level might be high. Contrary to this presumption, a Corgi Pitbull mix does not throw off in most cases. Unless extremely unwell, this dog will convey everything in a polite and well-mannered fashion. Barking volume depends upon how much the pup is irritated.

Genetics plays a vital role in the health of this mixed breed.

Corgi Pits suffer from several diseases in the later years. This is why proper vaccination and health care cannot be ignored at all. The role of genetics is crucial as far as brain diseases are concerned. This mixed breed inherits spinal cord deformities and certain brain diseases from the parents. Though severe, they are preventable in the earlier stages.

The dogs can live as long as 16 years

An average dog stays healthy and agile for up to ten years. The Corgi Pitbull mix takes it a bit further. In case it was born healthy and was not underweight, ordinary care can extend the lifespan till at least sixteen years. Peak performance and speed droop a bit, which makes the dog a bit gloomy by the time it comes of age.

They are highly susceptible to allergies

This is the primary concern for people who have interbred dogs or wish to adopt one. Allergies don’t go away sooner or later, making it a regular overhead expense. Constant visits to the vet are equally annoying for the furry friend as well. Minor infestations can be avoided by maintaining proper hygiene.

Fur coats require extensive care

Exactly! This has twin benefits – your pet Corgi Pit will be safe from allergies and it will enhance the shiny appearance of the pet too. There is another benefit attached to this simple practice, which is an increment in the lifespan of your furry friend. Regular trimming is also recommended by a lot of owners.

The owner should limit the bathing sprees

These dogs don’t need frequent cleaning. Their paws are enough to do the task. Bathe them only if they are visibly dirty. Brushes need to be clean as well.

The adult dogs are much recommended

Small Corgi Pits are still in the development phase. The fur coat is quite thin, and they are not vaccinated more than twice. Since the tests are conducted after a certain age and deformities are visible even later, it is better to adopt an adult dog. The relation between size and cuteness is not quite furbished. The breed is adorable in itself.

A lot of unethical combinations are available these days

Due to their high demand and high price, fraudsters interbreed certain pups artificially. This needs to be checked while making a purchase. Valid tests are available for this purpose. Make sure the pet shop is a registered one.

Training guides and videos are easily accessible thanks to the popularity of this breed

Once a pet reaches its right age, it is time for further developments and a lot of fun. The owner might be excited about the small acts of the dog and simple gestures which bring an instant smile. To train this well-mannered breed further, one can take help from ample free and paid resources available.

Beware of short legs before adopting or buying one

This is a sure-shot hint for any underlying deformities. The average height of this mixed breed is capped at around 19 inches. Though the pup might not have developed its legs fully when you see it for the first time, the length should be proportional to the whole body.


Now that you know the top fifteen amazing facts about this breed, it might be a bit easy to finalize which one to buy. In case someone needs to give a pup as a gift, their cuteness knows no bounds. A thorough comparison is enough to draw a clear-cut conclusion. Still not convinced? Here is a bonus feature – a Corgi Pitbull mix is more intelligent than its counterparts and eager to please as well. What else do you look for in a pup? Oh yes, loyalty – the signature quality of dogs. It is no surprise that Corgi Pits are extremely loyal. This is a proven fact as both the parents(as mentioned above) are revered for their loyalty. Hope these facts were helpful enough!

“Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is incredible how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”