Corgi Training

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Corgi Howl

Being a dog parent, you must experiment with your dog’s training and explore his new behaviors. One of the most common things in this exploration process is ‘howling.’ Pet parents are always so excited to hear their dogs howl.

Well, howling one of the ways dogs communicate. It is how they pass information or warn each other in their pact. For the dogs in the street, it is a way to call for help or gather everyone around them. Maybe this is why your pet howls when he is alone.

Majorly, the howling is an outcome of some sounds they hear, something they see, or a threat they feel.

If you are walking on the street and notice many dogs singing the howling song in unionism, there can be different reasons. They might be bonding with each other, having a party in the middle of the street, joining as a force against a possible threat.

If you are sleeping in your home and you hear a howling sound, there might be an injured dog calling for help in pain.

As for the dogs who work with humans on farms, they use howling to warn their humans of the element destroying their farm.

Howling is about calling for help and gathering their pact for the street dogs or farm ones. It is not like that for the pets; they sit in a home with their family around them. That is the reason why you hear more howling and almost none inside your house.

Even in pets, some breeds howl easily. Some are so rigid that they deny making unnecessary use of their vocal cords.

Maybe that is why you keep trying but cannot get your dog to sing the howling music to you. Corgi beings the herding dogs should have howling coming out naturally, but as pets, there are chances that they might not. In that case, you need to know the proper way to go about it. Howling is a natural tendency of any dog, usually stimulated by something in the environment. It can be the high-pitched sound of a siren, other dogs howling, their humans singing in a high pitch voice, and other elements.

What to do if your Corgi doesn’t howl at all? First, remember that he is intelligent and attentive and a herding dog who naturally howls and can be trained to do many things.

Here are five ways to make your Corgi howl:

Let the dog howl first, then reward the behavior.

Howling is a natural form of communication in dogs, and it will happen some time or the other. You might not need to make any efforts for that. Once the natural howling occurs, reinforce that behavior by praising them, giving rewards, and telling them to do it more often. He would learn that it is the right thing to do and you like it. Corgis being the pleasing ones, would start doing it.

Try imitation technique

If howling doesn’t happen naturally for a long time, you can always rely on the imitation technique. Maybe when your Corgi sees you howling, he starts it too. There can be two reasons for him to start: He might begin because he wants to participate with you and copy your behavior. Maybe he thinks that you are in danger and calling for help, so he does too.

You can read more about this technique here.

Online videos of dogs howling.

As we read above, howling is more of group activity in dogs, a sign of warning, or a song to sing in unionism. So, when your dog hears other dogs howling, it might stimulate howling in him too. There can be two reasons for this: peer pressure or instincts. You need to try this one for sure.

Play siren sounds or high pitched instruments

Dogs are said to be alerted or warned with such sounds. You can play the sound of a siren or maybe some high-pitched instrument. That might push your dog’s howling out of his throat.

Record when he is alone

Your dog might not be howling when you are around because he feels safe and happy. But, on the other hand, some dogs howl when they are anxious and calling for help. So, maybe if you want to check if your dog howls at all or not, you might set a camera and record him while you are gone out. This way, you would know if your dog has got the instinct or needs to be trained.

Funny faces and singing

Try singing in a loud voice or make funny faces in front of your dog. That might trigger a sense of warning or irritability in him and encourage him to howl.

Keep practicing

Be it any behavior or anything new you are trying with your dog, it is essential to keep practicing it. If you stop practicing that behavior daily, they might forget it, and you would have to train them again.

In this practice, keep a lot of treats for reinforcement. Whenever your dog howls, reward him.

Don’t discourage and give mixed signals.

Whatever you do and teach your dog, remember to stick by it and not discourage them. For example, if you teach your dog howl and then he does it on his own, do not stop him. This might give him a sign that what he is doing is wrong and he should not do it again.

In this article, you learned some effortless tricks of teaching your dog how to howl. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that excess of everything can be bad. So, keep that in check too. It should not be like your dog is howling all the time and creating a mess for you and the neighborhood instead.

If something like this happens, and you need help, you can read this informative piece on how to control the dog’s howling.