Corgi Behavior and Temperament

Are Corgis Good For Your Apartment? Here are 8 Things That You Need to Know

Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs? This question is the foremost thing for you to consider if you are willing to buy a Corgi for yourself. Corgi is a herding breed, and it is tiny in size. For example, an average male Pembroke Welsh Corgi weighs around 22-30 pounds and is 9-12 inches high, while a Female Pembroke Welsh Corgi weighs approximately 20-28 pounds and is 9-11 inches high. A Male Cardigan Welsh Corgi, on the other hand, weighs around 30-38 pounds and is 10.5 to 12.5 inches tall, whereas a Female Cardigan Welsh Corgi weighs approximately 25-34 pounds and is 10.5-12.5 inches high.

Expensive Breed

Purebred Corgis are extremely expensive. Their price ranges from $400-$4,000, which depends upon the quality of the Corgi. Also, breeders hike the price according to the increasing demands. You might find a Corgi at a low cost, but it will be a trade of loss because that Corgi won’t be purebred.

Living in a small-sized apartment with a Corgi will be challenging because, being a herding dog, Corgis need more space to run or exhaust themselves as they are full of energy. You must make sure your Corgi pup gets adequately tested so that you can avoid the purchase if it is not healthy genetically. Purebred Corgi costs more than $3,000, so make your mind accordingly. If you are not ready to spend your money on its health-care, you must look for another breed as this breed will cost your pockets enough.

Nipping problem

As their instinct is to nip and herd cattle or other farm animals, this trait can trouble you if you have kids at home. Corgi’s nipping habit makes it less of a companion dog because you can’t keep your children alone with it. Their normal behavior can also harm your children if they try to play with the Corgi. Living in an apartment that doesn’t usually have enough space can be difficult.

They Bark a lot

Corgis are not apartment dogs because of this reason majorly. Corgis are herding dogs, so barking is essential to monitor or manage the animals. So, the Corgi will bark at anything and everything which can annoy your neighbors. Getting a Corgi should always be last on your list if you live in an apartment with noise restrictions. This barking trait is sometimes trainable. However, No trainer can suppress their genetic behavior.

A Powerhouse of Energy

People usually believe that this little-sized pup won’t do much of the activities and just lay on the couch all day. Well, corgis are super energetic, and they do not get tired. You can not imagine the energy they possess in their tiny body. They can run in your house all day and night and still want to go out with you.

Getting a Corgi for your apartment means you will have to re-organize furniture so that they have enough space to run and play. They have this much energy because of their genetics. Corgis love hiking, long walks and playing fetch the ball. Being the owner of Corgi means, you will have to exercise it daily for an hour at the least and even more in some cases. If you can’t go out often, do not get a Corgi because that will damage its natural behavior.

Bossy Behavior

Corgis are intelligent and stubborn. If you do something that they don’t like, they will let you know in their way. Bossy behavior means they can do whatever they want if their stubbornness strikes. They are good at seeking attention and will leave no stone unturned in doing what they want.

Require a Strict Diet

It would be helpful never to feed your Corgi freely as they are highly prone to becoming overweight. The overweight CorgiCorgi can develop health problems, including hips, joints, back, and legs. Therefore, their diet should always be supervised and managed correctly to make sure they are injury-free.

Shed a Lot

Corgis shed a lot. There is no particular season in which it starts shedding or sheds more. It sheds in almost every season, which can be a problem. They have a double coat to prevent problems to their skin, which is another reason for them shedding this much. If you are not willing to always vacuum or lint roll your clothes, things can get a bit difficult.

Stairs can be a problem

Corgis have short feet and can get themselves injured in the hip if they constantly have to climb the stairs. They also find it challenging to go down because their front legs aren’t a good friend of gravity.


Getting a Corgi for your apartment can be wrong because of the problems mentioned above. Corgis require enough space to run and feel happy. Getting a Corgi for a less spaced apartment will not be beneficial as it will be hectic for you to go out often for your Corgi to feel more open and channelize its energy.