Buying a Corgi

11 Reasons Why You Should Never Adopt a Corgi

Are you contemplating having a corgi? If so, do you believe you are the ideal owner for this breed? A corgi could not be everything you had hoped for in a pet. If you’re unsure if you should get one or not, we’ll explain why you shouldn’t get a corgi as a pet. There are a lot of blogs and posts on why corgis are the right dog for you. However, we are all conscious that everything has its drawbacks, and a Corgi is no exception. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you shouldn’t get a corgi.

1. Size

You’re wrong if you think corgis are small dogs. Corgis are just a few inches tall. They are usually classified as medium-sized dogs. The weight of a corgi varies between 25 and 35 pounds. Their bodies are heavy and dense. As a result, if you’re looking for a small dog, a corgi may not be the best option. Corgis are not the kind of dog that you can transport in a bag with you when traveling. They are large dogs that are difficult to carry around the house.

2. Shedding

Keep an eye out for Corgi fur if you like to keep your house tidy. Corgis are supposed to shed a lot of fur on their bodies. To keep the hair out of your home, you may need a vacuum cleaner or a floor mat cleaner. Hair from your Corgi can be visible almost anywhere in your home. If you don’t want a dog that sheds a lot, there are a few other breeds to consider besides the Corgi. Having a robot vacuum cleaner can make it easier to get rid of the hair. However, if you don’t mind shedding, getting a lot of hair is still a disadvantage.

3. Noise

Do you prefer to be in a quiet setting, or live in an area where noises are prohibited? If that’s the case, don’t get a Corgi. Corgis are playful and active dogs. Because of their vocalistic behavior, they appear to bark a lot. If you have a corgi, you will undoubtedly live in a noisy setting. Almost everything gets a bark from these pals.

4. Time Management

You must have free time to spend with your corgi if you own one. Almost every day, corgis must be taken for a stroll. They gain weight more quickly than other breeds, necessitating daily exercise sessions. Corgis are classified as working dogs because they were raised as herding dogs and have a high energy level. They are known for always running and being active. A corgi is not the best option if you’re looking for a low-maintenance dog.

5. Attention

Corgis need a lot of mental stimulation and focus. They are intelligent, and since they are known as working dogs, they enjoy being given a mission to complete. If you don’t provide them with a task or play with them, they will undoubtedly devise their own task, which is most likely to include chewing various items at home or causing a mess. Corgis might not be the best choice if you aren’t ready for this and want an independent dog.

6. Require Behaviour Training

Corgis have a very stubborn nature and attitude when it comes to their nature and personality. It becomes more challenging to get them to understand what you’re trying to suggest, and as a result, they struggle to act properly and meet your standards. Behavior instruction entails key elements of a dog’s personality, such as simple manners like sitting and standing when instructed. If you don’t teach them when they’re still young, they’ll soon learn to be in charge and take over your house. As a result, Corgis are sometimes referred to as “behavior teaching puppies.”

7. Physical Characteristics

The biggest issue with Corgis in terms of physical characteristics is their short legs. They seem to fall almost everywhere due to their short stature. Corgis, if left out to play in the open during the monsoon season, will become extremely dirty, mainly in the belly region. When a filthy corgi gets his belly into the dirt, cleaning him becomes difficult. If you are looking for a tall dog that is easier to clean and take care of, don’t think of a corgi.

8. They Bite

Having an attacking pet that bites often is not on everyone’s wish list. They bite and nip the majority of the time. Corgis are not the kind of dog you want if you want a cute and relaxing companion. Getting a wild puppy that bites a lot is not a good idea. You’d want to get rid of him all the time, and it also might not be a good idea if you have small kids at home.

9. No to Stairs

Corgis have a tough time climbing stairs due to their short stature and long backs. If you have a lot of stairs in your home, bear in mind that climbing stairs are not only difficult for them, but it can also hurt their backs and cause serious permanent harm.

10.Not a guard dog

A corgi might not be the best choice if you want a protective and guarding dog. Corgis are intelligent and wise, but if you are in a bad situation and expect your corgi to defend you, that will not happen. They will simply remain calm and do nothing when you want them to be a fighter dog.

11. Expensive

Corgis are not cheap. Corgi prices continue to rise as a result of their strong demand. It is currently estimated to be between $600-$2000. If you do not meet any of the above conditions, we recommend that you look for another breed that you believe would be more appropriate for you. Why spend money on something that isn’t right for you? One should never buy a dog or any other pet without considering all of the pros and cons. It is essential to consider all of the factors before making a decision. Owning a dog entails a significant amount of responsibility. If you’re still on the fence about having one, talk to a specialist and tell them about your lifestyle.

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