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9 Reasons Why The Corgi Chihuahua Mix (Chigi) Might Be Your Dream Dog!

About Chigi

The Chigi is a mixed breed dog whose parents are the Chihuahua and Corgi. Small in size, they are very good at playing with you and are very alert. They are called by a wide range of names, including Chi-Corgi, Chorgie, etc.

They can be a perfect pet for you but avoid it if you have little kids at home because they might hurt this little-sized pup. They are tiny and look like little stuffed toys, and thus require extra care from you. They make great family dogs, and you can also keep them if you live alone but make sure the dog doesn’t feel the same way. They are lovable and joyful, but they also require good attention and care.


The Chigi is a newer mixed breed than their Chihuahua and Corgi parents. Chihuahuas have originated in Mexico, while the Corgi was a herding dog from cattle farms in Wales. The breeders started mixing Chihuahuas and Corgis in the 1990s in North America, although the Chigis might have existed naturally after some years.


Chigis are good at adapting to their environment; they can be kept in an apartment. The Chigis are excellent even for novice owners. They are social, so they don’t like being left alone, so make sure they have company. Furthermore, they are better at tolerating cold weather than hot weather, so make arrangements accordingly. They are excellent at adapting to their surroundings, making a great family dog, and are cute to be kept around.


Even if they are small, they never lack energy and are always playful. They tend to inherit the best qualities from both their parents. They can be a perfect pet for a big family but with older kids, because they are tiny in size, and little kids might hurt them. They require extra care due to their size, and they can be kept anywhere in your house with proper exercise, which is their best trait; Although they prefer a big home with an open yard they can run around in, they still can be kept in an apartment.

All Over Friendliness

The Chigis are pretty affectionate with family and are kid-friendly but make sure your kid doesn’t harm the little-sized pup. They are not friendly enough with other pet dogs if you have any. Also, they can find it a bit tough at first to be friendly towards strangers. They prove an excellent family dog unless you fail to provide proper care and groom the dog.

Physical Needs

The Chigis do not ask for much if you are playing with them regularly and are not feeling left out. Their energy levels are supreme, and they are pretty intense too. They are very alert, too, so you can not pull pranks on them. They need to be exercised because they have a great potential for playfulness.


The Chigis are easy to train. They bark a lot, but that too can be taken care of, provided they are trained well. They also like to explore new places as much as you desire the same. They would love to be out on a picnic with you and would make the most of it once they are out of your house and in nature.


Although The Chigis shed regularly, they shed even more in the shedding season. Their drooling potential is low, so you don’t have to worry if you are much into hygiene. They are easy to groom, you can take care of them quickly, and they won’t trouble you. They also won’t bother you in the health department because they have average health and can be pretty self-sufficient. They won’t gain much weight if exercised often, so that is not a problem to consider. The only considerable problem with Chigis is their size.

Basic stats

Their height varies from seven to twelve inches, and they weigh from ten to twenty pounds. Their life span is twelve to fourteen years.

Chigi’s Temperament

The Chigi is a loving, happy and intelligent dog. They can be frantically independent, due to which their training may be difficult. They like small treats a lot, so make sure to reward them during training as they learn quicker. Chigi can exhibit a watchdog tendency too. They are mostly good at being herding dogs, so they have a habit of nipping at anyone’s feet if they are in their way. They don’t have the intention of hurting anyone.

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Start training the Chigis early along with their grooming too. Reward them for doing good, and small treats are the things that they would love highly. Stimulate their mind and make sure they get enough exercise every day. Also, make their kennel a safe space.

Chigis overall make a good family dog and can also be kept even if you live alone. These tiny pups are exquisite to have and will always enlighten your mood. Chigis usually have gorgeous brown eyes with a little black nose. Their coat color might vary from black, white, fawn to silver and bridle. Although they are multicolored in almost all the cases, some might pop up in the picture with a monotonous color. Their body coat is quite dense, and it makes it even attractive. Their fur is usually textured, making it easier for the owner to give a dry bath to the dog. The basic requirements for a Chigi include a pin brush, a comb, and a nail clipper. To groom, just brush them once a week, and they’ll be fine.