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Eight Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Merle Corgi

This dog breed called ‘Corgi’ makes everyone go crazy on the internet. People keep sharing their cute images, videos, and even funny memes, and everyone is just in awe of them. It won’t be a bizarre statement even if we say that people who did not love dogs have even started following Corgis on Instagram. Yes, they are this level of cute. What is not to like about them exactly? Short legs and large body, long beautiful hair, and a loving personality make it hard to ‘not’ love them in any possible way.

And since this breed is so loveable, we thought we would talk about them in detail with you today.

There are two kinds of Corgis – Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Both have a different geographical background and origin, finally finding their home in Wales.

Being the oldest herding breed, Cardigan and Pembroke Corgis came under one umbrella of the breed. Then later, they were identified as two different breeds by AKC. The word Corgi is derived from two Welsh words, “corgi,” meaning ‘dwarf dog.’

It was said that first, the Cardigans Corgis were brought to Wales from Central Europe, and Pembroke Corgi were brought to Wales by Flemish weavers afterward.

Not only by their behavioral patterns but both the breeds can be distinguished by physical appearance too. Corgis wear medium-length coats of colors tan, fawn, black, red that can be with or without white markings. Cardigans’ fur is open to more colors than Pembroke.

In this article, let us discuss Merle Corgis and what you need to know before owning them.

What is Merle?

A color pattern inherited from a particular gene, Merle, can only be seen in the Cardigan Welsh Corgis and not in the Pembroke Corgis. So, if you have ever seen a Pembroke in Merle color pattern, that is a result of breeding between the two Corgi breeds themselves.

A blue Merle with a black and/or gray marble pattern

Suppose you are the one stalking different Corgis on Instagram to see which one to adopt. In that case, you must have noticed that Corgis generally are found wearing a blue Merle with a combination of black and/or gray marble patterns on them. This might contain tan or a very subtle red shade on their fur too.

Merle Corgis are rare

If you are currently scrolling Instagram while reading this article, trying to see a Merle Corgi, don’t. Just Google it. This color pattern is rare, and you might not be able to find it easily on Instagram.

How Much Do Merle Corgis Cost?

Since they are scarce, the price of this beautiful pet also increases automatically. So you can find a Merle Corgi anywhere between $1000 to $5000. Apart from the color, there are many things you need to see while buying a puppy. Just don’t get swayed away by their beauty and forget to check every other important detail.

How do Merle Corgis happen?

Breeding two Merle Corgis is how you get others. So, dominating the gene game and giving the offspring this beautiful look, the Merle gene is how a blue Merle color Corgi comes to existence.

But as mentioned above, Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi is purebred because Cardigans have this variety of coat on them genetically. However, American Kennel Club doesn’t identify Merle Pembroke Corgis as ‘purebred.’

In research, they found that the Merle gene in Cardigan Corgis does not exist in the Pembroke breed. Therefore, Merle Pembroke Corgis would be termed as a ‘cross-breed.’

Double Merle Corgis exist

Homozygous Merle is a dog that inherited two (or double) Merle genes. In simpler words, both of his parents transfer genes into him. Statistically, each puppy of the litter has a 25% chance of getting the two genes and becoming a double Merle. However, it isn’t suggested to breed two Merles. This is because studies have shown that the offsprings of two Merle parents have experienced physical abnormalities and health issues.

Here is an in-depth article about why to avoid a double Merle Corgi.

In a study conducted on merle breeds, it was found that 2.7 percent of dogs with one gene of M allele were deaf in one year. In addition, 0.9 percent were found deaf in both ears, whereas 10% double-merles were deaf in one ear and 15 percent deaf in both ears.

Note that blue-eyed merles do not have a higher incidence of deafness than brown-eyed merles.

Health Problems

Yes, Merle Corgis are suspected of some physical abnormalities and health issues. Highly prone to eye abnormalities and hearing issues, Merle Corgis can also be prone to all Corgis’ medical conditions.

To name a few, spinal injuries, arthritis, epilepsy, and canine hip dysplasia are some health issues that come highly suspected in these small bodies.

They need physical activities and exercise routines to keep their body in shape and avoid obesity. In addition, it has been reported that Merle Corgis are more prone to health problems than other Corgis. So, if you are going for this beautiful-looking dog, do not forget to get a medical test and genes clearance.

You might also come across something called ‘microphthalmia.’ This is a medical condition that affects the size of your dog’s eyes. In this, your dog’s eyes will be abnormally small and can be nonfunctional.

To read about this condition in detail, we share this informative article with you.


Merle Corgis have an average life span of 13 years.

Apart from all the issues and complex medical issues, this breed is beyond perfect for adding a little beauty to your family picture. Also, if you give it a thought, medical problems can be with anyone, right? So, just be careful with all the genes and medical tests when adopting a Merle Corgi, do not buy a double Merle no matter how beautiful they look.

With a bit of patience and proper training, you would have the best dog in the whole world.