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10 Pomeranian Corgi Mix Facts

Are you a dog lover and got yourself in a situation where you are confused about which little one to take home? Have you ever been stuck between two attractive options and wondered what if you could merge both of them and make it one? Well, maybe that is the reason cross-breeding exists!

If you are looking for an adorable new member of your family, we might have something special for you. This article will talk about one option that you would want to get it home right away.

Corgipoms – a mixed breed of Corgi and Pomeranians – are not only the cutest but also the naughty little pups who will make your life much more fun.

Here are 10 Pomeranian Corgi Mix Facts to help you decide:


Not a long-known breed

You might want to look after that this breed is not a long-established one with standardized features. Instead, it is a new breed with significantly less information to date. So, read more about both the parent breeds to understand the offspring better.

Best fit for a small setup

Since these are tiny ones in size, they perfectly match the new apartment-living style. So, if you ever wonder that you cannot have a dog because you do not have a garden, they are your correct picks.

Need grooming time to time

If you are a person who likes their home neat and clean and gets irritated if you spot even the tiniest spot of dirt, we don’t think Corgis or Pomeranians are for you. This breed, which has a double coat, sheds a lot, and their hair is pretty visible everywhere they go. So, they need combing from time to time (a lot), and also, you can get their hair trimmed if you want. Apart from their hair fall, you would also need to monitor their dental health and brush their teeth twice or thrice a week. And, keep a check on their nails too. You don’t want a big scratch on your favorite armchair or even your face. Right?

Here is how you can keep your dog’s dental health intact at home:


Being the offspring of Corgi and Pomeranians, this breed comes as a noisy barker genetically. So, do keep in mind that if you are taking them home, they will take care of your house very seriously.

Smart dogs

Well, every coin has two sides, right? So, even if you think that this dog is noisy and will not let you work in peace. Think of the brighter side too. If he barks, that means he is very attentive, and he can watch the house even if you are not there. Thieves run away when they find a dog barking at them. Also, because they are smart, it can be effortless to train them. Of course, it would help if you had the right tricks and reinforcements. Maybe giving them a treat or clapping for them would do.

Not comfortable with kids or other animals

They, being your little munchkins, need all your attention. So, if there is a kid around, they might start feeling uncomfortable and insecure. If you want to avoid this situation, you can try to help them socialize with kids and understand that there is nothing to worry about. This strategy applies in the case of other animals too. Just let them get familiarised with other animals; they would slowly get normal.

Here is what you can do: -1117885

Frequent need to urinate or defecate

Being smaller in size, these Corgipoms have a small bladder which means that they won’t resist nature’s call when it calls. Therefore, to handle this situation, you have to be very careful about training your dog for potty training. You certainly do not want your dog peeing or pooping in your house.

For some potty training ideas, you can check:


Coming to life with the genes of both – Corgi and Pomeranian, this breed is extraordinarily zestful. Not only will this breed need some fixed amount of physical activity in a day, but also, you would have to keep them engaged with something or the other. Being the little ones, they are likely to be very naughty and even destructive sometimes. So, do not let them sit idle for long.

But the good thing is that they have short legs, so you won’t find them jumping around and ruining your bed. They like to stay on the ground and avoid heights. So, keep in mind that you cannot ask them to climb stairs or jump on the bed when you are playing. It might lead to a joint injury.


If you read about both the parents’ breed, you would know that they are prone to obesity. Therefore, it is essential to check your dog’s diet and constraint his calorie intake and even treats. The ideal diet for them includes a high amount of protein. Though smaller in size, they have a natural ‘chubby’ look. So, if you think it is more than ‘chubby,’ do consult a doctor.


We know this is not something you want to know right now as you are thinking about getting a new family member right now. But, we felt it is an important fact that should be included in this article. The average lifespan of a Corgipom remains just like both its parent breeds – that is around 11 years to 15 years if they do not have a severe illness.

These were some essential points that we wished to inform you about, but the decision to get a dog remains yours. Remember that every coin has two sides, and what we think is good can be bad for you, and what is bad for us can be best suited for you. So after reading this article, sit with your family and consult a veterinarian. Then, visit some shelters to see how comfortable you are with dogs, and then adopt one right there.

Having a dog can be overwhelming; stay relaxed and take one step at a time.