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6 Reasons to Avoid Adopting a Corgi Husky Mix


It might be highly relaxing to watch videos of Horgis floating around on the internet. Before you make up your mind to adopt or buy one, make sure you know each and everything about them. Not only the pros but the cons are equally essential as deciding factors. Have a look before you get your pup home.

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Issues With The Corgi Husky Mix Breed

No dog breed is completely flawless or free of health issues. Similarly, the Siborgi or Horgi mix breed comes with inevitable downfalls. Since they are quite popular these days, most of us do not focus much on the negative issues. Though they are extremely cute and male good family pets, one must be aware of the associated problems well in advance.

The danger of degenerative myelopathy and hip dysplasia in later years

More than half of the Horgi population suffers from these terrible diseases once in their lifetime. Mostly, aged dogs are attacked by degenerative myelopathy due to reduced immunity and weak statute. This disease is too severe if the spinal cord is not treated on time. On the other hand, the dog’s movement might become impossible with time owing to loss of sensation in the legs. As such a situation arises quite late, the owner finds it extremely difficult to see their pet in pain.

The helpless state is further exaggerated due to the loss of appetite combined with a gloomy nature. As the name of the former suggests, hip dysplasia implies a structural deformity in the hip area of the Corgi Husky. In other words, the joints in the thighs and the surrounding regions begin to malfunction. In severe cases, the bone might fall out of the socket and lead to subsequent fractures or even paralysis (in case there are other underlying nerve issues as well).

Several immune diseases are inherited

A Siberian Husky was mated with a Welsh Corgi for the first time due to the innate diseases suffered by the pure breeds. Though a lot of vaccination drives have emerged with time, there is no feasible cure for immune disorders. Since they are genetically transferred from sick parents, it isn’t easy to recognize early on. Owners who have experienced such traumatic conditions recommend prior health examinations so that the pet does not lose its important years due to persistent health hazards.One must directly confirm from the vet or check it up with the former owners in case of adoption.

Horgis generally suffer from epilepsy and Von Willebrand’s disease in the closing years of their life. Though they are not fatal, treatment becomes easy if signs of the disease are visible early on. Do not rely on false parameters of a healthy immune system like eye color and other conditions propagated widely. Such information is mostly misleading and lacks scientific evidence.

There are high chances of the development of Uveodermatologic syndrome as well.

What does Uveodermatologic syndrome mean? This sight-threatening syndrome is too challenging to treat. It is also referred to as UDS. The last resort is mostly eye surgery or persistent medication. A lot of corticosteroids can aid in controlling this syndrome, but this might lead to a hole in the owner’s pocket too soon.Ultimately, the pet will turn blind and would not be able to perform the normal functions efficiently. Such a gruesome condition arises from subsequent inflammation in the eyeballs, which develops into a foggy appearance at first. This health issue is not preventable by ordinary means. The vet might prescribe a lot of medicines, but they do not work adequately. At times, the owner struggles to find an eye donor, following which there is no other option but to keep a blind pup.

Obesity is a severe bane for them

People love to have chubby dogs. Still, too much mass might affect the overall health of Horgis. This is a vital reason why people change their minds. There is a thin line of difference between healthy dogs and overweight dogs. With this breed, there are many other connected problems as well. The sole reason for the health concerns associated with a heavy Corgi Husky is the size of its supporting limbs.
Their dwarf-like legs cannot afford to carry a heavy body, and thus, your pup might end up lying down idle for most of the time. Another risk factor is bone health. Many of them experience excruciating back pain as well. This lethargic nature will ultimately affect flexibility, and proper distribution of nutrition might get hampered soon.A
Horgi’s love for fatty foods further enhances this ill-effect. Achondroplasia or dwarfism further worsens the situation, and your dog might stop responding to medicines in case a considerable amount of time has elapsed. A calculated diet might prevent this unhealthy addition of pounds and indirectly lead to optimum health conditions throughout.

They cannot be left freely around kids

Due to frequent nipping and biting, it is a bit risky to leave this pet around kids. Even if you wish to keep them entertained or let them bond in seclusion, secure them with a leash at a considerable distance. After spending a good amount of time in the same atmosphere, they will stop being a hazard for your little ones and other delicate pets at home, if any.In case there are toddlers at your place, be extra careful as the pup might indulge in the same activities and thus create further problems. A better option is to introduce them slowly to your kids. Gradually, the dog will learn how to behave appropriately. It is worth a second thought if you have a newborn baby or expect one shortly. Your Horgi will pounce a lot if it gets divided attention. So, do not rush.

The training process takes longer than usual

A Horgi is a bit sluggish when it comes to learning something new. This might probably be because they already do a lot to impress their owner and other people around them. A lot of positive reinforcements might make them even lazier. Training is a bit difficult due to their highly playful nature and restless attitude. Repeating the same task, again and again, is too boring for them.Unless they are trained before you adopt or rescue them, this is not going to be a piece of cake at all. This mixed breed is much more happy-go-lucky in comparison to other dogs of similar statute and characteristics. Do not rely much on training videos as you would not be able to make out when your pup has zoned out completely or even partially. Many of them doze off purposely to avoid such routines. Such brilliant creatures they are!


This list is not exhaustive. The opinions of the present and former owners of Horgis love them a lot. They advise timely vaccination and regular health checkups to avoid any fatal disease. Buy a Corgi Husky mix after careful consideration of the aforementioned points. No further research is needed. A little bit of alertness and caring nature would enhance the whole experience.

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