Corgi Anatomy

20 Corgi Booties That Will Brighten Up your Day

Are you bored of scrolling through Instagram and Facebook? Take a look at these adorable corgis flaunting their butts. By the time you’ve scrolled all the way to the bottom, you might just want to buy one. Have fun!

1. Got a Heart of Gold

See how this cute one got groomed well with that furry heart on his butt.

2. Watchu tryna find butty?

One just can’t resist admiring how cute this Corgi butt is. Although, our little buddy seems busy. Shhh!

3. Hellooo..small butt!

Do you wanna see a small butt? Here we have for you the cute small furry friend relaxing with his butt out.

4. Lovely Butties

Maybe these cute pups are waiting for something, Can you make a guess?

5. We got all sizes!

These playful corgis look so adorable while playing in the green grass, such an amazing view haha!

6. Gimme a photoshoot!

This cute little friend looks adorable giving an awww look to his owner asking for a butt photoshoot.

7. Say Cheese!

Can you notice the smile on his face? He’s happy with his cute big butt.

8. Take me to the forest

Ready for adventure, this big man seems incredible with that big furry butt.

9. Do not Disturb

Can we just admire this perfect butt and not think about anything else for a second?

10. Sun-kissed or Butt Kissed?

Just look how gracefully this adorable little buddy is striking a pose in the bright light.

11. It’s Playtime

No one can stop corgis from two things, playing and having the cutest bum ever.

12. Butty Beach

It’s time for some fun at the beach with some cute little butties.

13. Are you gonna twerk?

How about a walk in the park with this small furry baby with the most adorable butt pose.

14. It’s my training time

See how cutely this big boy is learning some leash tricks while showing off his big butt.

Small dog learns how to accept a treat and walk around on leash

15. I got the perfect butt

This Corgi here has the most perfect butt you can ever see!

16. Time to say bye

Bum so cute that even the camera lost focus from the family and turned towards the dog.

17. Butty waves

The Corgi butt you see here looks more calming than the beach.

18. Wait for me

This is what we call a buttfect shot.

19. My butt is small

Small or big, Corgi always makes it to the cutest butt owner list.

20. Focus ready

See how beautifully the camera has captured this little butty.

Behind the belly corgi behind. Cute butt. Hind legs. On the lawn.