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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Corgi Shiba Inu

All dogs are the best, and they deserve all the love in this world, but some breeds can’t come to your home with you. There can be universal or subjective reasons for it.

As much as we love Corgis, there are some drawbacks to having them at home, especially when it is the Shiba Inu Corgi mix.

Popularly known as “Corgi Inu,” this breed goes by several names like Shiba Corgi or the Corgi Shiba Inu mix. This breed results from breeding Shiba Inu and a Welsh corgi (any Cardigan or Pembroke). Quite similar in weight and size, Shiba Inu and Corgi are both very famous on the web these days.

Shiba is the tiniest and most known Japanese dog in yellow and red with white fur and a chubby face.

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There are two types of Corgis: Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis. Both of them are pretty different, and one can easily spot the difference by looking at them. However, among both, Pembroke is the more popular one. Short and trim in appearance, they are incredibly energetic and quick.

Since we are talking about the offspring of these two breeds, let us also understand the personality that our little one might inherit. Both of the parents have very different traits.

Shiba Inus are smarter, confident, and dominant. They do not like to listen to someone and need an early start on training. Though they are brave, so you can rely on them for the safety of your house, they are also stubborn and might not even listen to you.

Whereas, as intelligent and brave as Shiba, Corgi is friendlier and more manageable than the former. Corgi is not dominating and independent; it relies on its parent to give him instructions. Also, training Corgi is comparatively easier

Small dogs, having a long body and a tiny tail, look like a fox. No doubt they are geniuses and can be easily trained, but they come with some cons too.

In this article, we will note three reasons why you should not get a Corgi Shiba Inu; what are the problems, and their causes:

Regular Grooming

The Corgi Shiba Inu mix inherits the thick coats of fur from the parents, being an offspring of two pure breeds. The hair looks beautiful indeed but would also require a lot more grooming than regular dogs. Also, one issue that you will face is hair fall. So, you will find hair everywhere in the house, be it your clothes, the floor, the rugs.

To avoid this issue, you will have to brush their hair regularly (at least two or three times a week).

But only brushing off the hair won’t be enough for their hygiene maintenance. This breed also needs regular bathing sessions. But then, this won’t come easy to you. Even bathing them a lot can lead to some skin problems in them, so you have to be very balanced and careful in that area.

At the time of bathing, remember to use mild shampoos and also clean their ears properly.

Furthermore, to avoid the evidence of scratches on your furniture, your face, or even preventing your little one from harming himself, it would be better if you trim their nails too.

Here is how to trim your Corgi’s nails:

Smaller breeds are highly prone to dental issues, so take some time to brush their teeth once every two days.

Needs Exercise Regularly

If you plan to get a dog with which you could sit quietly and enjoy some me-time too, then Corgi Shiba Inu shouldn’t be your choice. A product of breeding two small breeds, this baby is energetic and would need to do something or the other all the time. So, get ready to keep your work aside and get on board for some physical activities with your dog.

We often suggest the pet parents indulge their pets in outdoor activities, but since this is a small breed, indoors will be fine too.

There are specific issues that come to life if this breed doesn’t exercise or indulges in physical exertion:

They become destructive.

They might gain weight and become prone to obesity.

Because of sitting idle for a long time, they might undergo behavioral issues.

To know more about why exercising is vital for them, you can refer to this informative article.


One of the most significant and most threatening issues in this breed is anger. They are so full of rage, even in minor things. So, you might have to keep a check on that a lot. The pet parents who are assertive, strict, and dominant can handle this breed, and if you are not that, please don’t take them home. But, since this breed comes with a high alert of aggression and dominance, they manipulate humans to do something they want. And if they don’t get it, they start barking, yelling, and making loud noises.

Corgi Shiba Inu can be controlled and trained by confident, assertive people and stick to their methods. Also, they are very particular and possessive about everything – their humans, their home, their toys, and their food. So, if some stranger comes to your home and gets comfortable, they might not like that much.

So, now you have a better idea about what could go wrong with having a Corgi Shiba Inu mix at home. Now, if you think you have got this and you want to hold that bundle of joy and take it home, do not wait longer. Go to your nearest shelter, pick that little one and find a cute name already.

A Corgi Shiba Inu mix furball will cost between $300 and $700. The cost of dogs solely depends on where you get them from and their condition.