Corgi Breeds

Colors of the Corgi Explained: Corgi Facts

Corgis are one of the most well-known canine breeds in the world.This spunky little dog has origins in England, where they were developed as herding dogs. Over time they found their way into human hearts.These furry little balls of energy can be described as friendly, bold, and outgoing.The corgi breed can be divided into two breeds, which are the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

In this article, we will be exploring every exciting Corgi color known.

A quick historical fact about the Corgi

One terrific fact about corgis is they are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They have been in existence since the 1100s. At that time, the Corgi was smaller in size.

The Pembroke Welsh corgi

 The breed has its origins in Wales. This dog resembles the spitz and is one of the most petite cattle herding breeds found in the world. This breed became well known in the United Kingdom thanks to the special place this furry and cute breed has in the heart of Queen Elizabeth II!

However, after being one of the most well-known dogs in England, their number started declining. According to the AKC, they are now the 15th most well-known dog breed in the US.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi colors

Pembroke corgis come in distinct FIVE different coat colors. If the Pembroke corgi has a shade of coat that isn’t found in the list, it is likely a mixed breed. Of course, this fact will not matter unless you Are looking to make your furry friend a show dog.

The following are the established colors of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi:


It is critical that the red fur doesn’t have any black spots on it. It is acceptable if there are white areas.The underbelly of the Corgi and the paws are typically white, while the nose is completely black.

Redheaded tricolor

Most of the dog’s coat is black in color but must have a soft blend of red hair on it. You will be discovering red and white fur on other parts of the coat, which should be blended.In this case, the underbelly must have white fur while the nose is completely black in color.

Black tricolor

Most of the fur of the Corgi must be black in color, which includes the head. The coat must also have some red areas, but they aren’t blended and must instead have an effect similar to spots and patches.The underbelly and the paws of the Corgi must be covered with mostly white snowy fur and the nose is completely black.


The Corgi is mostly red in color, but the head and neck must have black areas that are well blended with a striped effect. The underbelly of the dog must be white, while the nose is completely black.


A majority of the dog’s fur must be fawn in color, which can range from dark to light but must have a few white areas on the surface of the coat. There must not be any black areas on the body of the dog. The underbelly must be white along with the paws, while the nose is entirely black.

What you need to know about Corgis and their shedding

Corgis are not hypoallergenic and come with double coats, which means they will be shedding a lot. Corgis will tend to shed as the weather changes, especially during the spring and autumn months. You will be vacuuming a lot during these seasons of the year.Brushing your dog every day can help mitigate the shedding. However, you will still find that your dog will be shedding all over your furniture and on your clothes.


Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is another breed of the Corgi. They aren’t as popular as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They only ranked 68th in the AKC in terms of popularity. But these dogs are as loyal, smart, and affectionate as their cousins, the Pembroke. They are considered graceful dogs.These energetic little dogs are incredibly versatile since they are adaptable to various settings.Although these dogs may be pint-sized, they are quite a force. They have a medium overcoat with a harsh texture and thick undercoat that keeps them warm during cold months. They have a foxlike brushtail and upright ears.Cardigan Welsh Corgis make playful companions that are well mannered and know their place. It must be so since they are residents of Buckingham Palace!


Colors of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Pure Cardigan Welsh corgis come in eight colors. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi get easily confused with each other, but the coloring will help make the distinction.

Brindle and white

Although the base color may be red, black, or yellow, Corgis with brindle and white coloring will have a Brindle striped effect and markings on the fur. The underbelly fur is white, and the nose is completely black.

Brindle merle and white

These dogs are otherwise called Ginger merle and will have random gray spots all over their fur. Some dogs may also have a chestnut shade to the coat but are mostly white with large areas of merle.The underbelly must be white, while the nose is completely black

Red and white

These dogs will have small to zero black markings on their fur and are mostly red with patches of white.Their underbellies are white, while the nose is entirely black.

Red Merle and white

With a merle that is hidden, these dogs will have tiny spectrums of merle in their fur, which shows itself as black or liver. These dogs will have white fur on their underbellies and paws while the nose is completely black.

Sable and white

A majority of the surface area of the coat of these Corgis are Sable and white color but, depending on their genetics, may have red or black marks. Black tipping may appear as a widow’s peak on the face. It is also possible to notice some black on the tail and the saddle area.The underbelly must be white along with the paws, while the nose is entirely black.

Sable merle and white

Otherwise known as cinnamon merle, this Corgi color will have fur that is primarily white and sable in color but may also have marks of merle and other darker shades in certain areas.The underbelly and the paws must be white, while the nose of the dog is completely black.

Black and white

These colors do not necessarily mean that they will be totally black and white. The Corgi can have some brindle in their color. A true black and white Corgi is a myth. You will find different color markings and stripes on their fur.The underbelly of the dog must be white along with the paws, while the nose is completely black.

Blue and merle white

Merling means that the color that would have been pure liver or black in color is toned down. Instead, it is expressed as uneven spots or markings on the coat. It is comparable to a tie-dye shirt. These dogs are mainly black and white with gray or blue areas on the surface of their coat.The paws and underbelly of the dog must be white while the nose is completely black.

Final thoughts

There are two breeds of Corgi which were identified in the 20th century. The Pembroke Welsh corgi Comes in eight different colors and has a rectangular shaped tail, and is docked close to the body.The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has five different colors and has a fox-like tail which is curvier in appearance.

Good diet and grooming will ensure that your Corgi will have amazingly soft and shiny fur.