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10 Reasons You Need a Corgi in Your Life Right Now


Corgis are such adorable babies that it might be a bit difficult to keep your hands off them. In these pandemic-stricken times, adopting a pup comes with its ups and downs. The owner might have to make a lot of special arrangements and step up the precautionary measures as well. For those who have already given the instance a final thought, simply go for it as this breed is a power-packed entertainment package in the form of a cute bundle of joy.

Households having a small open area must give it a second thought. Most importantly, ensure that your baby is able to adjust to the new addition in an easy way. If that is not the case, it won’t take much time for this brand new pleasure to turn into a big mess for the parents cum dog owners. Check out with some old owners if you wish.

The Ten Reasons

They can be too speedy at times

C for Corgis and C for chasers. It fits in that accurately. Their small size and partly streamlined bodies are enough to ensure high speed and chasing capacity. This makes it even more important to keep a tough leash handy all the while.

Corgis are highly vigilant guards

Do you want a watchdog? Get a Corgi right away; there’s no need to think about it.They are highly alert even when they are in a deep sleep. The hearing intensity fades away with age and subsequent diseases. Early on, you are well protected.

Grooming is not a gruesome task for these cute little ones

In the first instance, people might think that such a silky and shiny coat might incur massive expenditure on a Corgi’s maintenance. Surprisingly enough, this is not the case with this breed. Grooming needs are a big menace for certain breeds, but Corgis are relatively easy to manage. The fur coat cleans within a couple of minutes, and the small-sized canines know how to dry themselves like a pro.

Keeping Corgis as family pets is a perfect idea

Corgis get on well with large and nucleus families alike. They are brought up in clusters so that their brains are hardwired for this adjustment. Babies might bond quite early on as these pups are too innocent and friendly. Do not let them sleep with your babies at a tender age as the paw nails might hurt harshly, even unintentionally. Have babies at home? You know it all then. On the contrary, people who have practically no experience with small humans might have an eye-opening experience with Corgis. They get bored too easily. Yes, you read it right – “dogs getting bored.” They might stop eating or throw a tantrum to seek attention or communicate that they need to do something. Do not ignore them.

A Corgi can be trained quite easily, as compared to its counterparts

Initially, they might indulge in apologetic tussles with street dogs or your other pets. With a bit of training and careful consideration, you can train your new furry friend to cut down on violent acts. They pick up really fast. This indirectly means no more complaints from your neighbors.

Being a purebred pup, it is an economical pet to have

The average cost of Corgis ranges from 600 dollars to 800 dollars. While some luxurious varieties might cost up to 1200 dollars, the general price range is quite pocket-friendly as compared to other similar breeds. This is exclusive of overhead expenditure and accessories.

They move around a lot

Corgis can never be tamed as showpieces. They require regular movement and engagement from their owner. In case these needs are not met, your pup might do certain undesirable acts out of restlessness. This can easily be prevented. Let them move around – as simple as it seems. This dog loves to roam around in large circles and slanting movements. Their leaps also require a spacious place to take their complete form. Public areas are not that feasible as Corgis tend to pounce upon small moving objects.

For cold countries, Corgis are too affordable and weather-friendly

High temperatures annoy Corgis a lot. They might completely lose interest in usual activities if the optimum temperature is not maintained. In case the owner lives in a tropical country, air conditioning bills might soar as high as the levels of mercury. Give them plenty of water as well.

Cuddling is one of their favourite chores

The present and future owners should take care of the fact that a corgi loves to live on its own terms. For a better and more wholesome cuddling experience, try teaching your dog the much-needed sign language. It might help both of you understand each other thoroughly and communicate on better terms. They make good cuddle partners as well.

Corgis are as affectionate as human babies

Handling a dog is one of the most simple things on this planet. Many owners have gone to the extent of declaring that treating infants is way more complicated than caressing a corgi. For activities like cuddling and holding up, one must try to empathize with the dog. For parents who have recently turned dog-owners, a lot of analogies can be drawn. For instance, a baby cries to show a lack of interest in cuddling or if it hurts him or her. On the other hand, one cannot expect a canine to express this disinterest in such an expressive manner.


There is only one disadvantage of owning a Corgi. Want to know what that is? Everybody will try to grab it from you. Yes, there is no other issue. People have been communicating this since times immemorial that owning a cute dog is like owning a shared dog. You cannot simply help this out, as your charming Horgi is sure to attract everyone who tries to pet them. If you are a possessive dog owner, things are going to be a bit different this time.

No more humor now – these dogs are big-time winners of competitions, and all their acts are too impressive to handle. Spending time with this cute little creature is a great stress-buster as well. Nothing is more rejuvenating than returning home after a long day (or shutting off the screen after long durations of work from home) and immediately petting your pup for a few precious moments.