Corgi Behavior and Temperament

10 Reasons Why Corgis are Good Family Dogs


A dog is a man’s best friend. So, the saying goes.Over the years, these four-legged canines have proved invaluable to our human existence in a myriad of ways, both personally and professionally. For companionship, protection, transportation purposes, as playmates, service, assistance, or therapy dogs.They have become an intricate part of our family units, close-knit neighborhoods, and the broader communities, exhibiting characteristics that continually endear us to them. They are loyal, cuddly, and friendly. Fiercely protective of their masters and territory.

What more could we ask for?

For the family keen on adopting one into its household, the breeds on offer are almost endless. From bulldog to Irish setter to poodle to collie, families are spoilt for choice. All these breeds bring along their unique qualities and the general characteristics associated with their species.To streamline that choice, here are ten reasons why corgis are a great dog breed for a family, besides them being small and fluffy, of course!

1. They are among the top 10 small breed dog breeds that are great with children.

They are affectionate, sweet, wicked intelligent, and programmed to please. Other breeds that work well with children are Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, Collies, and Dalmatians. However, they aren’t as small as Corgis.

Corgi fun fact: The name corgi means dwarf dog in Welsh. No other name could have been more apt for these portable pups known for their tiny legs and tiny tails.

2. They are quiet and suitable for keeping in urban areas.

Who wants a pet that disturbs the neighbors? Or causes a racket in the household? Unless there’s an emergency, or they are hungry, corgis won’t bark. They are a very quiet breed and have this advantage over other small dogs.

Corgi fun fact: A corgi’s happiness and love of life can boost its owner’s mental health. They are a cheerful bunch and are excited about everything happening around them. For a corgi, every day is the best day ever, and that is an excellent perspective of life.

3. Corgis are easy to take care of

They have long hair and thick fur. But don’t let this fool you, they are a pro at keeping themselves clean. It means less time, energy, and resources spent grooming this lovable pet. It is recommended to bathe them once a month.

Corgi fun fact: They usually get along with cats and other animals. This is a good thing if there is more than one pet in the household. Corgis embrace all the earth’s creatures ;D

4. There are two different types of Corgis

The Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan Welsh. Cardigan Welsh corgis have more rounded ears than their Pembroke Welsh Corgis counterparts which tend to be the more popular corgi breed. Whichever breed a family chooses, they would have made the right choice.

Corgi fun fact: They have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They were initially bred to be herding dogs.

5. They are good watchdogs

They are attentive, protective and tend to bark to alert their owners of any impending threat. They never leave their owner’s side and make the best bodyguards. They are also known for being very loyal to their families and are incredibly playful.

Corgi fun fact: They are easy to train because they are intelligent, obedient, and aim to please.

6. The Royal Effect

Queen Elizabeth II has had more than 30 corgis in her lifetime, thus raising the breed’s popularity significantly and attracting and influencing more people to adopt and keep the breed.

Corgi fun fact: They are famous for their herding skills. They are fearless and independent, and in their natural element, are impressive to watch. Their excellent herding abilities mean they have a great sense of direction, and they always know where home is.

7. Corgis are not picky eaters.

They are easy to feed and even eat vegetables they don’t particularly like. The downside to this is that they stand the chance of being obese or seen as a dumping ground for any food.

Corgi fun fact: They love attention. Which dog doesn’t? Corgis are no different. They never want alone time, and there’s no such thing as too many belly rubs.

8. They are intelligent.

By nature, they are intelligent and very bright.

Corgi fun fact: They are adorable when mixed with any breed. Especially cute is more like it.

9. They are surprisingly fast runners.

This should come as no surprise due to their herding quality – they must be able to outrun the sheep or cattle. However, it is easy to be shocked at this ability because of their little legs and compact body structure. Put this to good use for exercise, fun, and games.

Corgi fun fact: They make the cutest puppies. They are particularly adorable as puppies.

10. They have an innate sense of adventure.

They are a social breed and love the outdoors and make ideal companions for any adventure, small or great.

Corgi fun fact: They come in several eye-catching colors.

Here’s hoping these reasons and fun facts about this breed of dog has a family (or more!) falling in love with corgis.