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5 Tips to Get Your Dog to Listen to You


Having an obedient dog is every owner’s dream. In this article, you will get to know how to convert this dream into reality. With some everyday tips, it is possible, though not so easy. Once the dog begins listening and obeying all the commands, life would feel like a paradise. This guide would prove to be equally helpful for existing dog owners and people planning to pet a dog soon.

The Ultimate Guide to Turn a Disobedient Dog into an Obedient One

It sounds easier said than done. It is so! There is a carefully curated list of sure-shot tips to get your dog to listen to you, that too, in no time. No habit will work for the dog unless and until it is followed regularly. By regular, it means that the dog should not be left on its own while the training process is going on. Habits will take some time to develop but make sure that some, even minimal, progress is made with each passing day. Follow the top five tips religiously for a better experience. Read on to embark on a journey towards having a highly obedient pet dog!

1) Use commands for small as well as big tasks

If you wish to control your dog, use commands as much as possible. Make sure that the words you use are limited in variety, and the way of speaking does not change a lot. The dog does not understand the meaning but can indeed become conditioned to act in a specific manner. You can use all these to teach your dog how to obey you in times of urgency. Remote commands like sit, stand, and handshake is equally essential. For advanced training, better words can also be employed. Work on the clarity of words and make sure the dog understands them fully. Appreciation might help in this step, up to a considerable extent.

2) Do not try to scare the dog using threatening objects

Don’t spare the stick, or you might end up spoiling your dog. This unanimous principle works equally for kids as well as dogs. The dog should continue to follow your instructions daily. By consistency, it is meant that habit formation will be enhanced. You can even keep track using a calendar. Once a habit is formed, a brief period of rest is a must.

3) Be polite in expression as your dog can sense intentions as well

While training to obey, focus on the dog and nothing else. If something goes wrong around you, do not transfer that energy to your furry friend. They hate being punished for no fault of theirs. Try to pause for a moment and decide which activity to continue with. An incomplete experience is far better than a hurtful one. The expressions are clear enough to make you understand if the dog is in a good mood or not. Handling a dog is one of the most simple things on this planet. Many owners have gone to the extent of declaring that treating infants is way more complicated than caressing a dog.

4) Try to reinforce your pet dog for every obedient act

Treats are essential, but they become even more fascinating when your dog earns them. Several dog breeds are quite competitive in nature, and they would easily understand that showing a specific behavior will get them what they want. Do not punish them too harshly or encourage them too loosely. If the reinforcements are too likable, the dog might exhibit certain behaviors more than the standard limit. This needs to be stopped since training is an extensive process, and obedience is a habit that takes a considerable amount of time to inculcate. Let your pet dog move over freely and play happily all along.

5) For seeking attention, use gestures as much as possible

Trying to teach your dog obedience is not a task that can be completed in a single day. It might take several weeks or even months. Consistency matters a lot. Using hand gestures politely can serve the purpose well.

Training or No Training?

A lot of dog breeds are a bit sluggish when it comes to learning something new. This might probably be because they already do a lot to impress their owner and other people around them. A lot of positive reinforcements might make them even lazier. Training is a bit difficult due to their highly playful nature and restless attitude. Repeating the same task, again and again, is too dull for them. Unless they are trained before you adopt or rescue them, this will not be a piece of cake at all. Some breeds are much more happy-go-lucky in comparison to other ones of similar statute and characteristics. Do not rely much on training videos as you would not be able to make out when your pup has zoned out entirely or even partially. Many of them doze off purposely to avoid such routines. Such brilliant creatures they are!


It solely depends on the breed, whether your dog obeys you or not. The stubbornness factor also plays a crucial role. No dog breed is wholly flawless or free of health issues. Similarly, the species you own would come with inevitable downfalls. Since they are pretty popular these days, most of us do not focus much on the negative issues. Though they are adorable and make good family pets, one must be aware of the associated problems of disobedience well in advance. It might be highly relaxing to watch videos of cute and fluffy dogs floating around on the internet. Before you make up your mind to adopt or buy one, make sure you know each and everything about them. Not only the pros but the cons are equally essential as deciding factors. Have a look before you get your pup home. Hope the above list proved to be helpful!