Corgi Breeds

Blue Eyed Corgis That Will Make You Do a Double Take

The Corgi breed is native to Wales. It is a herding dog breed with a small height and a long body. It is one of the oldest herding breeds in Wales, and its name is also derived from welsh words “corgi,” which means dwarf dog.

Don’t make the mistake of comparing a Corgi’s small height with its energy. They can work on the farm all day and still not get tired. The Corgi breed also has two types: The Cardigan Corgi and the Pembroke Corgi. Here we will be covering everything you need to know about a Merle Corgi and what is a purebred Corgi or how a purebred is made and identifying the same.

Merle Corgi

Merle is a color pattern inherited by a specific gene in the Corgi, which is only found in the Cardigan Welsh Corgi breed and not in the Pembroke Corgi breed. You might categorize them under one species, but actually, they are two different breeds. You must know that a merle Corgi is found only in the Cardigan breed and not in Pembroke Corgi, and if you found one by any chance, it must be a crossbreed between Pembroke and a Cardigan Corgi.

Standard Color Pattern of The Corgi

The most common color pattern you will encounter in a Corgi is a blue merle and a grey or black marble pattern. It can also contain shades of tan or a subtle red, usually followed by white flashings on the neck, legs, and chest.

The rarity of A Merle Corgi

Merle Corgis are rare because the Merle Corgi is sable in color, often mistaken with red and white which is slightly different. The sable-colored Corgi has darker shades around its neck, head, chest, and legs, with a dominant white shade accompanying it.

Cost of a Merle Corgi

Merle Corgi puppies’ price ranges from $1000 to a hefty $5000. The usual factors that affect its price are availability, breeder, quality, and shipping distance.

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is considered a mixed crossbreed, while a Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi is regarded as a pure breed. It all depends on the gene because it outpowers every other color.

What is a homozygous Merle?

A double Merle is known as a homozygous Merle, which inherited double Merle genes, which can be explained by the fact that the Merle puppy has a 25% chance of getting the genes from both its parents and then be called a Double Merle. Although breeding two Merle Corgis can prove dangerous in some cases, the turnout pup might face abnormalities like blindness or hearing impairments like severe deafness.

Is a Merle Corgi Prone to Health Problems?

Merle Corgis are prone to abnormalities like blindness and hearing impairment and other health problems like spinal injuries, arthritis, epilepsy, and canine hip dysplasia. It is noticed that a Merle Corgi has more health problems than a Corgi without the Merle gene, and it is a reason for you to make sure that the genetic testing is done before you decide to purchase a Corgi.

The reputation of Merle Corgi Breeders

The reputation of a Merle Corgi Breeder matters because, with the increasing demand over the years, you can come across a scam too, who are willing to get an extra buck by their wits. It would be helpful to adequately research the reputed breeders across your area to make a perfect purchase. A good breeder will take time to breed a Merle Corgi because it takes a while to get an ideal colored Merle Corgi.


Even though Merle Corgis are a rare breed, they can be great pets for anyone who is devoted to getting a perfect Merle Corgi after getting all the doubts cleared regarding their genes and whether they are legitimate or not. With your love and proper care, a Merle Corgi can have a healthy life span of around 13 years or more.