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Health Weight Tips for Your Corgi

What is Meant by “Healthy Weight”?

Many dog owners get confused between the terms “a healthy dog” and “an obese dog.” This difference is the most important one. A dog might put on weight due to the chicken-rich diet it loves to have. However, one cannot simply cut down on food since the dog needs to stay in shape so as to stay away from fatal and painful diseases. Burning calories is difficult but not impossible. Dogs love to snack as well.

This fact makes it even easier to assume that they might put on weight quite easily. Providing your dog with human food is not a bad idea, though this practice should occasionally be followed. Dog-friendly food is essential for their digestive system to work appropriately and swiftly. Obese dogs might become lazy and idle with time. If you wish to have fun with your dog for a longer time, ensure that they are healthy and not obese.

All About Maintenance

Having a dog has its perks and downfalls. The health of your canine is of utmost importance. Be it early on or in the later years, one must take care of the dog’s weight irrespective of its health. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a comprehensive health record. Even if all other parameters are satisfactory to a considerable extent, make sure regular exercise is ensured.

The pup might engage in a sedentary lifestyle owing to innate laziness. Still, it is the responsibility of the owner to keep a check on all these and other related activities. Do not solely rely on vaccination as the dog might develop diseases known to hit dogs at different stages of life. Beware of any allergies as well.

The Ultimate Solution for Underweight Dogs

A sure-shot solution – milk. It is a common notion that a liquid diet barely makes a difference. Though it seems to be true, the reality is the exact opposite. Dogs can digest practically anything, but providing them with material that is easy to digest will surely speed up the process of putting on a few pounds.

In addition to milk, add non-vegetarian essentials as well to your pet’s daily diet. In vegetarian households, too, it is not impossible to treat a dog that has gone underweight. Pile up the plate with nutritious dog food and increase the number of meals as well. Try not to add any foreign food items which might make your furry friend fall ill. It is important to maintain weight as soon as possible, but unfair means are sure to do much more harm than good.

The Ultimate Solution for Overweight Dogs

It is as simple (or complicated) as maintaining weight in humans. This does not mean that the dietary needs of dogs match that of humans. It is a simple analogy to make new owners understand that dogs can put on a considerable amount of weight or lose a few pounds, as per the need. Some people are of the opinion that lazy dogs are prone to get obese with time. Regarding diseases, obesity increases the risk of joint deformities and other related issues.

Therefore, it is even more essential to maintain weight throughout. How to do so? There is a single practical tip – exercise. Yes, dogs need to exercise a lot. Simply taking your dog on a walk does not ensure maintenance of weight, so make sure to include an exercise schedule as well. Playing with balls is not much reliable in this case.

Dietary Tips and Tricks

This section can prove to be a boon for new dog owners. Old ones can also gather a new piece of knowledge to their existing collection. Dog food is not all that your dog needs. It should be used as a supplement. Dogs have been feeding on different products for decades, and domestication has led to a considerable modification in their diets.

Leftovers should not be used as complete meals. A dog might look at you every time you eat something. Try to avoid such instances or give them alternative treats instead of feeding them with human food. It would not be wrong to say that the food we eat is alien food for a dog, in most cases. Sugar and other sweet substances are a big no. One must understand that a dog has no idea of what suits its health and what might lead to a severe ailment. Therefore, the owners must take care of the dog like their own child.

When to seek medical help?

If your once active pet is not moving for several days, it is time to contact the vet. A gain in weight is easily visible. The owner must be mindful of any changes in eating habits or mood swings. Other signs indicating that your dog is unhealthy to include constant barking and refusal to do the everyday chores. At times, the pet might go completely mute if the ailment comes with a lot of aches, which surely troubles the dog a lot. Do not wait till things worsen beyond manageable extent. Post this, adhere to the doctor’s guidelines as much as possible.

Final Words

Whether your pup is a bit chubby or skinny, maintaining optimum health conditions is essential. On the other hand, it is even more critical to segregate between healthy weight and obesity. Once your dog has got an excellent check-up done and faces no more problems, just chill the “doggo” way out. For adult dog owners, it is common to freak out at every minor irregularity in eating habits or other things. The owners must understand that the dog is not accustomed to all living conditions. Thus, occasional fever and cough are inevitable. All this must be taken in a light spirit as stressing out would not help in any practical way. A healthy dog is the best pet to have. Make sure your dog is happy as well.