Buying a Corgi

How Much Does A Purebred Corgi Cost?

Being a small, cute, fluffy breed that is super friendly and easy to train, Corgis are in high demand amongst pet parents worldwide. Corgi photos and videos are flooding on the internet, and everyone wants to adopt a Corgi. The only issue that comes in between is majorly the high cost. Yes, Corgis are expensive, and not everyone can afford to have them.

There are two types of Corgis: Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The cost of both the breeds differs, not much but slightly. The price with which your dog comes depends on pregnancy, area, the health of the puppies, how popular the breed is, and more.

According to the American Kennel Club, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi costs somewhere from $1,000 to $2,200. The cost for a Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy can range from $1,200 to more than $1,800. The average price of a Corgi is around $1,500.

It is not like it is a rare breed, which is why it is hard to find and breed, but maybe the reason for such a hike in their price is the hype created around them. Like how businesses work, even breeders worldwide realized that selling Corgis at high rates is not a bad idea. Since people are going crazy to buy them, they would profit with this new love for Corgis.

However, the higher prices for Corgis are the result of their popularity and craze among humans. Many factors come into consideration while putting a price on anything (in this case, dogs).

Why should you not look for cheaper options?

Getting a dog is a huge decision and a long time commitment. It is not a fruit or vegetable you can get by bargaining. And, don’t even do that. The thing with dogs is that they would come at a reasonably high price if they are from a quality breeder. Not only does the breeder keep your future dog in a safe environment, but there are a lot of things he takes care of. Among all these essential things, health check-ups and vaccinations are also included. Some of the crucial tests that your breeder should provide you for Corgis are Hip Dysplasia, CERF eye exams, Elbow Dysplasia, cardiac evaluations, and a few others.

Here is detailed information about some health problems you need to keep a check on while adopting a Corgi:

These tests in themselves are very costly, so yes, if the breeder asks for a hefty amount, the reports should justify it.

Why trust expensive breeders?

What happens is that AKC recognizes all these genuine breeders. And, there are many guidelines for them to follow to keep practicing a healthy breeding routine. So, if a breeder fails any health test for a puppy, AKC can remove them from the breeding pool.

Therefore, all the good breeders keep in mind that they are breeding to better the breed and not just make high-end profits.

Apart from all the formalities and medical check-ups, you need to ask specific questions to the breeder and clear all the doubts you have before making any decision.

Some guidelines mentioned on AKC’s website for the breeders of Pembroke Welsh Corgi are

Some guidelines mentioned on AKC’s website for the breeders of Cardigan Welsh Corgi:

Apart from the health check-ups, let’s see what all does a breeder offer in the cost:

– Ongoing/ first shots: It is the breeder’s responsibility to provide all the initial vaccinations to the puppy.

– One month’s food for the puppy: The food for one month is also included in the price they charge.

– Dog supplies: They would also provide you with the basic dog supplies.

– Vet check-ups: As your dog needs proper vet check-ups, the breeder would make sure he gets it done.

– Medicines (according to the need): If there is the medicine needed for your dog, the breeder will provide it.

– A proper registration by AKC: Since AKC recognizes reputed breeders, they will also share the registration with you.

– On-demand knowledge and dog care: Breeders know everything about the breed they are selling you. So, you can ask them anything and everything.

Hence, rather than looking out for cheaper buying options, consider the high-end breeders. They may charge more, but you can look at it more like a one-time investment. After buying a dog, at least you have a health clearance from them. Whereas, when it comes to the cheap breeders, you might get a dog at half the rate, but that might go home with unknown health problems and other issues.

Other expenses:

Well, you must know that the cost of buying a puppy is not alone and there is much more to spend on. Therefore, if you are considering welcoming this new family member into your house, you must note that all their requirements need to be fulfilled. Just like how you prepare a nursery with a cradle, diapers, toys, and baby food when a baby is about to come home, you have to do a lot of preparations for your dog too.

Some essential things that your puppy might need:

  • Bowls for food and water: You need to have a separate set of bowls for this new family member.
  • Comfortable bed: You do not want your puppy to sleep with you on the bed; you need to have one for him.
  • Toys to play with: Corgis are very excited dogs who need to be engaged in some of the other activities all the time. So, do not forget to buy some toys for him.
  • Collar and leash: For all the long walks your dog will have with you in the park, you need to make sure that he has a nice collar and strong leash.
  • Treats: Corgis love food, which is how you can make sure they are motivated during their training process. So, you would need many treats in the shape of reinforcement.

All the beautiful things indeed come with a price, but the question is, are you in the position to pay that price right now? Having a dog is a big responsibility, and do not just get it because your kids want it or it would look good in the social circle. If you think of buying a dog, welcome him with wide-open arms and then promise to treat him like your own kid. Do not compromise on anything related to your dog. Be it the price you have to pay to buy or the essentials he needs.