Corgi Training

7 Step Guide to Potty Train Your Corgi at Home

If you are willing to buy or adopt a corgi, you must be aware of the essential requirements for them to live healthily and comfortably in your home.

Well, nobody wants their dog to poop anywhere in the house. So you will have to train your dog where to go to the bathroom and where not to.

An average dog can poop from 1 to 5 times a day. The Diet you provide to your corgi will also matter for the same. If you offer them small meals frequently, they are likely to poop more often than usual. So, you can also give them meals according to a plan like you can provide them meals three times a day. The number will also differ from pup to pup because of their health and temperament.

Here’s a 10 step guide for you to potty-train your corgi to make sure it doesn’t make your house odor poorly and keep it clean-

  1. Set a schedule and stick to it. It is recommended to take your puppy out before and after playing, sleeping, eating. If you catch your puppy scratching the door or whining, these are common signs that he needs to go out.
  2. When they grow up, they develop a substrate preference for a place to do their business. Direct your puppy in that direction whenever you go out.
  3. Associate a reference phrase. For example, when taking your dog outside, say “go potty” or anything you select for the command when they reach their spot.
  4. You can hang a bell onto your door and ring it whenever taking your dog outside to the potty. Soon your dog will associate the ringing with potty and start ringing the bell when they want to go out.
  5. As soon as your puppy is done, it is important to reward them with treats.
  6. Be sure to never scold them if they accidentally do it inside your house as, like humans, puppies also go through a learning curve.
  7. Consistency is the key to this practice. Be consistent and you can succeed in training your puppy in less than three months!

Additional Tips

-Schedule the meals.

One of the best ways of having your corgi trained is to schedule the meals that are to be provided. This step plays an essential role in the potty training of the corgi. You can offer your corgi meals at the hours that you have food. Eating with you might make it habitual of waking up and getting to bed accordingly. Having a food schedule can help organize the timing you would prefer to walk or expect your dog to excrete.

– Show Your Corgi the places he can poop

Training your corgi where to go to poop and where not to is an essential step in the dog’s potty training. The training can vary from 14-28 days according to the temperament of the corgi, so you have to be consistent and patient. Since your dog won’t already know where they can or not poop, you need to guide them for the first 5 to 10 days in a 14 day training period. You can master this step if you get good at controlling your dog’s environment and directing them well.

– Environment matters

Setting a proper environment for your corgi or making it adapt to the one that already exists at your place is a must. A dog will be comfortable only when it is in its suitable environment. You can limit their movement by using a leash or a crate. You can also crate train your dog, but keep in mind not to use it forcefully. Also, keep your corgis tiny home near your bed as they get anxious if left alone after bedtime.

– Accidental Control for the corgi to poop

There still can be some chances that the corgi poops somewhere in the house; to make this avoidable, you must keep your corgi in a room where you can tolerate few potty accidents.

– Regular Exercising the Corgi

Exercising your corgi is a must. An hour’s session will do the needful, and exercising doesn’t only mean walking it down the neighborhood. You must include other activities like playing fetch the ball using a tennis ball, swimming, or even running if you can keep up with your little champ. Exercising your corgi is useful but keep in mind your dog’s age. Exercising them according to their age is also something you should take care of.

-Punishing should never be an option.

Never Punish Your DOG! Punishing is never an option while potty training your corgi. Your corgi is not at fault for failing during the training since it is a new process for them. Have patience and stay your determined self, and eventually, it will happen.

-Using Pads

Try to avoid pads unless you can’t take your dog out more often. Using pads will make the corgi adapt to it, and it won’t learn to go out in the open, which is the preferable way. You must try to take them out and make sure they spend their time on grass more often and also treat them for pooping at the right places.

-Healthy Eating

A healthy diet doesn’t always mean overloading their bowl with food; you can feed them thrice a day, at the minimum. Their Diet can vary according to their age and their exercising habits. You can feed them kibble since it has essential nutrients that help the corgi grow and stay healthy.

-Take care while outdoors

Keeping an eye on your corgi while on a walk is a big task. It would help if you always were around them to make sure they don’t bite on something they shouldn’t. Little pups like to play with stones and pebbles and sometimes swallow them too. Eating unusual things from outside can make it sick, so take care of these little unexpected things while walking your dog.


– Tips to Succeed in all of the above

To succeed in all the steps, the only things required are effort and consistency. You must be consistent in potty training your corgi and make sure it adapts to its surroundings. A happy corgi has a good relationship with its master and is trained with love.

For more help, you can watch this guide as well. Happy Petting!