Corgi Behavior and Temperament

10 Facts on How Affectionate Corgis Are


Planning to have a Corgi dog in the form of a pet? They are much more than just cute creatures. As per commonly held notions, small animals are presumed to be more appealing. The same is the case with this breed as well. It simply means that the combo would turn out to be a complete dumpling. Another factor that backs their endearing nature is the human-friendly nature. Present owners cannot simply get over their babyish acts and love to cuddle their furry friends like never before. Social media platforms are routinely flooded with short videos and awe-inspiring clicks, which are enough to make one fall in love with this furry creature (that too, at the very first sight). Owning a purebred Corgi is too heavenly for even the loneliest people. In this article, you will get to know about all that makes a Corgi one of the most affectionate dog breeds that can be domesticated.

How affectionate are Corgis?

They are as affectionate as human babies

Handling a dog is one of the most simple things on this planet. Many owners have gone to the extent of declaring that treating infants is way more complex than caressing a corgi. For activities like cuddling and holding up, one must try to empathize with the dog. For parents who have recently turned dog-owners, a lot of analogies can be drawn. Try to check if the touch is making your dog comfortable or irritated. This much is enough to decide whether to stop then and there or take the calming practice a little further. A great trick is to stop in between and wait for the response. If your corgi wants more of it, it will stay and begin staring at you endlessly. It is a perfect sign if your dog is a pro at communicating in such a manner.

They love to cuddle

The present and future owners should take care of the fact that a corgi loves to live on its terms. For a better and more wholesome cuddling experience, try teaching your dog the much-needed sign language. It might help both of you understand each other thoroughly and communicate on better terms. They make good cuddle partners as well.

They actually smile, so holding them up is a blissful experience

Corgis smile a lot. As they are pretty moody in comparison to their counterparts, you are sure to have a hearty laugh each time they roll their eyes. The way these dogs show disinterest is also equally impressive. Sounds like irony? It is not! Once you experience this in reality or watch the same in a pre-recorded video, you would definitely agree. They do not express such disappointment directly. Instead, they will coil up in a corner and wait for you to reach out to know what’s wrong. The gleaming frown is the epitome of cuteness.

They love to get clicked together

We live in the 21st century when it is practically impossible to resist clicking and posting pictures of such cute pets. This mixed breed seems to be genetically trained regarding this human-centric act as well. Firstly, the front camera might embarrass them. After all, they are new to this activity and need time to get comfortable. Once comfy, they can turn into heartfelt “dog models” in practically no time. You will be surprised to see how adorably they pose for even candid clicks. Try showing them their selfies for a super cute confused look.

They keep moving adorably, almost continuously

Corgis can never be tamed as showpieces. They require regular movement and engagement from their owner. In case these needs are not met, your pup might do certain undesirable acts out of restlessness. This can easily be prevented. Let them move around – as simple as it seems. This dog loves to roam around in large circles and slanting movements. Their leaps also require a spacious place to take their full form. Public places are not that feasible as Corgis tend to pounce upon small moving objects.

They like to seek all the attention they can

Now, this is something to be careful about. Like fellow humans, Corgis also need a reasonable amount of time to adjust to new creatures. While they get along well once both sides have spent a considerable amount of time, their possessive nature might surprise you.

They bond well with babies too

Corgis get on well with large and nucleus families alike. They are brought up in clusters so that their brains are hardwired for this adjustment. Babies might bond quite early on as these pups are too innocent and friendly. Do not let them sleep with your babies at a tender age as the paw nails might hurt harshly, even unintentionally.

They are too cute for words

There is only one disadvantage of owning a Corgi mix. Wish to know what is that? Everybody will try to grab it from you. Yes, there is no other issue. Since times immemorial, people have been communicating that owning a cute dog is like owning a shared dog. You cannot simply help this out.

They love to hop around and play

A ball will suffice all their playing needs. Once your dog has chosen a gift, the interests don’t fluctuate soon. Ever been to a circus? Corgis can bring it right to your living room or any other favorite play area of your pet. Apart from chasing, these dogs can easily pick up stiff toys and utensils. The demanding nature is another perfect example of cuteness. Hide their favorite toy and be ready for a quick tantrum. In case their attempts to grasp your attention are ignored for long, they will turn more clingy than ever. Cuddling might(or might not, depending on the intensity of moodiness) soothe them to a considerable extent.

They eat in a babyish fashion irrespective of their age

By now, you would be aware that this breed can easily mesmerize anyone without much effort. Love to see your little kids eat innocently? A Corgi mix will give you a similar feel. Some owners have gone to the extent of declaring that they can’t get their eyes off the pup while having food or water. What is so special about a Corgi performing a simple chore like feeding itself? They cherish the food and keep on wagging their tails continuously. If they are not full, be ready for an unstoppable barking spree until their bowl is refilled.


Returning home to a cuddle-friendly dog is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Whether you own a corgi or plan to have one in the near future, it would be a good idea to gain knowledge with respect to their natural likes and dislikes. As far as cuddling needs are concerned, no two dogs seem to have similar preferences regarding this activity. It is better to be on good terms with your dog as it is bound to be a really good friend in the long run. Your charming and affectionate Corgi is sure to attract everyone who tries to pet them. If you are a possessive dog owner, things are going to be a bit different this time. No more humor now – these dogs are big-time winners of competitions, and all their acts are too impressive to handle. Spending time with this cute little creature is a great stress-buster as well. Nothing is more rejuvenating than returning home after a long day (or shutting off the screen after long durations of work from home) and immediately petting your pup for a few precious moments.