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10 Things To Consider Before Owning A Corgi

Pet lovers are usually so enthusiastic about adopting a pet, particularly the kids. They think it would be so much fun to have someone younger than them to play with, tease, and cuddle.

However, they do not understand that having a pet is much more than twiddling with them, feeling their soft fur, and posting their pictures on social media. When you have a pet at home, it is more like having a kid at home who needs utmost care and attention all the time.

These days a dog breed named ‘Corgi’ breaks the internet with its cuteness, and almost everyone wants to take a Corgi home. But well, hey! Let’s discuss some points you would like to consider before inviting this small creature into your world.

Here are ten things to consider before owning a Corgi:

Hyperactive and destructive

If you want a Corgi at your home, you need to be very well aware of the fact that you would have to do tons of diligence with that little guy. If you do not indulge this breed in some physical activity now and then, they go crazy. They would start running around in your house, destroying your furniture, biting your shoes, and even eating things lying on the floor. This dog does not like sitting idle for a long time. So, are you ready for some cardio now and then?

He gets weird around the animals he doesn’t know: Though Corgi, among all other breeds, is known to be the friendliest one with other animals that comes with a price too. It becomes vital to assist your pet to socialize with other animals and even kids if you would like them to be friendly. If this doesn’t happen, your dog will end up marking his territory in front of them. This nature might lead to a lot of barking and fighting, and you surely do not want that.

Likes to run and chase things

If you thought that you and your fur baby would go on a pleasant evening walk where you would do yoga, and your dog will walk freely and play with others, you are mistaken. Never leave this dog in the open without a leash if he is not fully trained. This breed would keep running behind things and scare kids, other animals and even might get hit by something on the way. So, be careful.

Loud barker

If you are a calm person who loves silence in their surroundings, Corgi might not be your preferred choice to have as a pet. They are noisy and bark at random things because they are very protective of their family and house. So be very sure before getting a Corgi to fit in your quiet home; it might be difficult.

The hair fall

You would possibly think this is not something new; all the dog parents know that there will be hair in their car, their home, and even on their clothes. But if you are considering Corgi out of all the dogs, you would like to understand that this is a serious issue that comes with them. So to avoid this issue, you have got to brush your dog’s fur regularly, and you would be fine.

Attention seekers

Even if you are doing something essential and around, you need to keep a hand on him – scratch him, pet him and kiss him. They love the ‘human touch’ all the time, and they won’t get tired of you rubbing them even if you are. So, the friends or relatives who do not like dogs would not be very comfortable around your fur ball as he will always be asking them to shower some love.

They love food

Besides petting, what they love the most is ‘food.’ You can feed them anytime (don’t do that, though). You can train your dog with food being the conditioner and even play hide and seek with the help of food to keep your dog busy. They love food such a lot that they would sit near you while you eat, waiting for some food to fall and eat it.

Not comfortable with height.

Having short legs, these little creatures do not like climbing stairs or even jumping on beds. You can say they are very ‘grounded’ or ‘down to earth’ dogs.

They cannot survive in hot conditions.

To have a Corgi at your home, you need to make sure either you live in a cool place, or you can provide them the cool atmosphere they need. They have a double coat of fur; hence, it becomes challenging for them to sustain the hot conditions. This might also result in some medical issues, so take this point seriously.

They are naturally fat.

You might get worried about your dog’s increasing weight and how fat he looks, but you don’t have to even if you think that your dog is eating a lot and has gained some extra pounds that must be his natural weight. However, if this issue is concerning and increasing, and you think that might be a problem, you can always consult your dog’s vet and talk to him about this. Do not wait for the situation to worsen and get your dog in trouble.

Amid all the being careful and points to stay cautious, we would still say that Corgis are adorable and they would make excellent pets at your home.

Maybe you can train them according to your household, and we are sure as bright as these dogs are, they would adapt quickly. And, there is one thing that is super fun about having a Corgi: the hassle-free grooming for this breed.

So, be it a Corgi, Husky, Labrador, Golden Retriever, German shepherd, or any other dog, you must have them in your home if you love them. Just remember, they are just like your kids, so be ready for parenting. So, go get your little short-legged baby home today.