Corgi Diet

Best Dog Food for Corgis

The very energetic and active Corgis are a popular dog breed loved by all. It would be best to properly supervise their nutritional intake as they are prone to diseases. Therefore, their diet must be strictly structured. Don’t freely feed your Corgi ever.

To ensure that their activeness prevails and remains the way they are, we have brought together the best food brands and their best food products that you can trust to feed your Corgi and meet its daily requirements. An average diet must consist of 3 meals a day, excluding the treats.

List of Best Dog Food for Corgis

1) TruDog Rawgo Dehydrated Raw Superfood, available in Lamb and Cranberry flavors

Rawgo is a New Zealand brand which is a common suggestion by the vets for your Corgi. It will complete your Corgi’s diet requirements and have quality ingredients so you can relax and serve your Corgi this superior food brand. This dog food is among the top choices globally because it is an excellent source of maintaining muscle, eye development and easy for your Corgi to digest. In addition, this food product has a quick-reacting digestive tract which again is a plus point and another reason for you to buy it for your Corgi’s nourishment.

PRICE: $33.49 onwards


– It can increase your Corgis appetite if it eats less.

– It can be served with other dry food.

– Comes with immunity to several diseases.

– Affordable.


– Your dog might want this food in gravy which is not possible.

2) Wellness Core Grain-Free Reduced Fat Formula- Deboned Turkey and Turkey meal along with Chicken Meal Recipe

This product comes with a high nutritional value and is an ideal food product for your Corgi. Each serving includes at least 15-20 percent of probiotics that help your dog to digest correctly.

In addition, this product has a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin, which helps strengthen the bone structure of your Corgi. Your Corgi will be much less prone to diseases like hip dysplasia with healthy bones. This product best suits the highly active dog breeds, and hence a Corgi will be satisfied with this.

PRICE: $16.50 onwards


– It has a high-quality protein suitable for energetic dog breeds like the Corgi.

– It fulfills the nutritional needs for the better development of an adult dog or a herding dog like the Corgi.

– It can be fed even if your Corgi has a sensitive stomach.

– It is Gluten-free, and the taste remains the same.


– Some dogs don’t like its taste even though it has no filler ingredients.

3) Canidae Pure- Chicken, Lentil, and Whole Egg Recipe:

This dog food has equivalent nutrients to oats, cereal, tuna, and several other healthy vegetables. It can prove helpful if your dog has recently undergone surgery or has a sensitive stomach. This product is also known to boost eyesight and prevent weakness because of the excess animal protein.

PRICE: $61 onwards


– You can choose ingredients according to your dog’s preferences.

– Whole eggs will provide a boost in the energy to your Corgi.

– Meats in this product will make your Corgi fell in love with the taste.

– Simple ingredient formula.


– The packaging may consist of half the kibble while the other half is dust only.

– Reviews suggest that the new bags are causing smelly and gross stools.

4) WholeHearted Grain Free Food, Chicken and Pea Recipe:

This product comes with a mixture of peas and chicken ingredients rich in phosphorus and calcium. It enhances bone development and healthy teeth. You can combine it with probiotics, and it will be easily digestible for your Corgi. This product also allows you to accumulate it with other compatible food items, making your Corgi’s meal tastier.

It can also combat skin problems and ensure that your Corgi doesn’t have any food sensitivities, easy to digest. This product also can tackle bacteria and increase their lifespan. It also reduces the tendency of your Corgi to suffer from seizures and other diseases.

PRICE: $9 onwards


– Consists grain-free dry food helps keep sensitive stomachs fine and in better health.

– Rich in vitamins and minerals, promoting the health of your Corgi’s teeth.

– If your Corgi loves poultry, it will naturally chew up the proteins and antioxidants present in this dog food.


– It is not the best food for Corgi puppies because of the blend of coconut oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil.

5) Halo Holistic Chicken and Chicken Liver Recipe:

This dog food comes with a high percentage of calcium, phosphorus, blueberries with a bit of carrot and beans, which can prove to be an excellent food for your Corgi. It also has high-quality ingredients that can enhance the digestion of your Corgi. It is also free of dairy products because the animal meat is derived directly from the farm, fresh and fabulous.

PRICE: $62 onwards


– Problems like arthritis can be avoided using this product for your Corgi.

– No traces of by-product meals or additional growth hormones in this food.

– Recommended as the best dog food for a Corgi puppy fighting cancer.


– Reviews of some stated that this product made their dog lose agility.

– Your Corgi might not like the chicken recipe, which includes chicken fat and chicken meal in it.

6) Solid Gold Wolf King Whole Grain- Bison, Brown Rice, and Sweet Potato Recipe

It is a high-quality product that would suit any Corgi puppy, be it a Pembroke welsh corgi or a cardigan welsh corgi. It consists of pumpkin fruit and superfoods that can fight the weak immune systems of a Corgi. It also enhances muscle growth and bone density. In addition, it makes the best dog food for Corgis because of its fatty acid chain.

PRICE: $37 onwards


– Promotes the gut health of your Corgi.

– The presence of probiotics enhances health and keeps the problems away.

– Easily digestible.


– Low calcium content might not be helpful in the cases of hip dysplasia.

– It has traces of pea starch which might not find the best taste for your Corgi.