Corgi Hygiene

10 Ways on How To Groom a Corgi

Thanks to a number of competitions curated for dogs, the clothing industry has stepped up a lot in terms of quality and designs. It is essential to choose the right size as far as vests are concerned. Make sure not to tie the belt too tightly or it might hurt your cute little Corgi. The categorical dressing style has also gained popularity in recent times.

This is specifically for those owners who wish to make their pups participate in various contests and fashion shows. It is essential that your Corgi gets ready in one go. They are not too patient. Once ready, let them have a look in the mirror and admire themselves. Last but not the least, it is picture time. Getting clicked is enjoyed by Corgis a lot.

Do not miss out on the cute accessories

This is the favourite grooming step for growing Corgis. They simply love to get ready using cute stuff. Hairbands and a lot of other articles like decorative belts can be used for this purpose. Be as creative as possible.

Put on Corgi clothes as per the season

Owners love to have a good collection in their Corgi closet. While female Corgis already have a lot of alternatives, the male canine fashion industry is catching up at a reasonable speed. Vests are pretty easy to go. In summers, let your dog move around freely as the thick and doubly layered fur coat of Corgis is enough to make them feel warm. The winter clothing collection has a lot more to offer. Pullovers and even dresses are common these days. Existing Corgi owners prefer handmade alternatives as well. The variety is expanding with each passing day. Trendy prints and checks go well for all ages. For baby Corgis, unique bibs and other accessories are also available readily.

Brushing is an essential step in grooming dogs

This is a necessary procedure that should not be ignored at all. Brushing might lead to excessive shedding at times, but it is essential for better blood circulation. In addition, there would be lesser dog hair in the house. This step is to ensure that no fleas or other insects remain on the body of your Corgi. A lot of other foreign objects also tend to get stuck on the furry body. Do not forget to check the tail. Move from the head towards the hind area.

Go slow and let the Corgi enjoy the process

A lot of cleaning will lead to a bit of shedding as well. Let your Corgisi rest for a while. After the cleaning session, give them some water and make sure they are not sleepy before moving on to the next step.

Drying up is a big-time favourite

After a bath, your Corgi will try to shake off a bit. If they like to stay out in the sun, let them remain there until the fur is dry. Towels can also be used, but fibre alternatives are much preferred.

Hairstyling ideas are much more trendy

Owners tend to differ a lot in their opinions regarding this step. A hairy Corgi is as cute as one with trimmed hair. If the owner has no experience, the dog can be taken to the experts in this field. They are sure to help out.

Do a thorough check of every nook and corner

This step is crucial for baby Corgis as well as adult ones. There are places your dog cannot reach while trying to lick itself. For those places, it needs human assistance. The neck area is the most inaccessible.

Clipping dog nails is a big task

Trim nails as soon as they grow out long enough to be visible from the opposite direction of the paws. Special clippers can be used for this purpose.

The face and teeth need a bit of extra attention

There are two alternatives for this step. The first one is a regular toothbrush. Using toothpaste is optional in this case. Another way to help your Corgi get clean teeth is by giving them a chewy brush. They can easily be purchased from pet stores or online vendors. The regular earbuds can be used as dog ears are almost alike. Do not try to go too deep, as Corgis tend to have smaller ears than their counterparts. If possible, clean the flap too. Oiling can be done occasionally. Use a cloth to wipe later on.

Other Essentials

Raising a Corgi requires a considerable amount of efforts as well as financial resources. They do not demand a lot but their natural needs need to be catered to. These include the special kind of atmosphere, healthy surroundings, and a habitat free from common dog allergens. In case the owners have practically no time for the pet, a caretaker also becomes a necessity. This is due to the fact that Corgi hates loneliness. If left by itself for long periods of time, it might not be long before the canine turns completely insane. To avoid such bad consequences, it is advisable to get your Corgi once you have the required time for its upbringing. If the case is the exact opposite, the pup might end up bonding with the caretaking personnel instead of the parents. Such a scenario might be quite unpleasant for both parties.

Concluding Remarks

Overhead costs include leaving your dog at the centre during vacations. If your dog is accustomed to having a specific variety of toys, they might also add up to a small amount. Early on, transportation would also prove to be a hefty overhead charge. This can be cut down in case the owners decide to go and bring the dog home. Rescue cases have no such issues. Monetary expenses do not matter much if the dog blends well with the family. Expenses in terms of love and affection also add up. Now, why is that so? This is because it is almost impossible to raise breeds like Corgis without a bit of pampering now and then. They are simply like human babies and love to be caressed.